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the weight of a crown

the weight of a crown

by tavish kaeden


Thousands dream of it; still more die for it. Yet, how many can truly bear it?

After centuries of bitter conflict the realm of Esmoria is at last united under the banner of a single king. On the surface the realm appears to be enjoying its first taste of peace, but lingering resentment and the untimely death of the new ruler threaten to return Esmoria to political chaos.

Meanwhile, in the farthest reaches of the frozen north, a dethroned monarch’s plot for revenge awakens a long-forgotten evil. As darkness and treachery descend upon the realm, a young escapee from a forced labor camp, a disenfranchised soldier, and an epileptic engraver’s apprentice find themselves at the heart of the troubles.

My Thoughts

The Weight Of A Crown is epic fantasy that shines a strong light on all its glorious trappings. Muti-POV structure & solid characterization, check, a complex geo-political storyline, check, various nations/lands in strife check, a magic system that’s not quite explained properly, check. Tavish Kaeden’s debut is something that struck a chord with me. I’m a lover of epic fantasy and this book did its best to keep me enthralled.

One thing that sort of a drawback with the title is that, because the author gives such an in-depth story, the pace of the story is something that isn’t of the fast variety. So for readers looking for a short, well-paced read might not enjoy it. For those lovers of epic fantasy who want to be immersed in a world and three-dimensional characters, Tavish’s debut hopefully will strike a strong chord with you as it did with me. TWOAC also gets 8/10 for its solid epic fantasy approach.

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Mihir Wanchoo

Born and raised in Mumbai, India. Mihir Wanchoo is a physician and a Masters graduate. He is an avid book collector and longtime reader of fantasy, thrillers and Indian mythology with additional interests in historical fiction and urban fantasy. Favorite writers include Jeffrey DeaverJohn ConnollyDavid Gemmell, James Clemens/RollinsCraig SchaeferRachel Aaron, Rob J. Hayes, Richard Nell, Ilona Andrews and many others. Mihir is also a diehard fan of the Indian Cricket team and  Chelsea Football Club. Mihir currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with his family, and is ever looking forward to discovering new authors and old books. Mihir is the newest member of the FBC team and helps out with Reviews, Interviews and  managing FBC’s Facebook page as well as the Twitter pageMihir can be contacted directly at Goodreads HERE.

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