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February 24, 2024

An interview with Daniel Meyer

“A new threat emerges...Sam is trapped between insidious magic, and human enemies even more deadly. But the darkest demons are waiting in his own mind.” As a SPFBO (Self Published…
Targeted DemographicsBooksreviews
February 24, 2024

Review: Targeted Demographics by Joseph Sciuto

“It’s okay if I know it’s a lie, as long as my target audience believes the lie and buys the product.” Targeted Demographics is Joseph Sciuto’s fast-paced psychological thriller narrated…
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February 22, 2024

Review – Vampire: The Masquerade: Prince of the City by Keith Herber

What is Prince of the City? The Price of Power At the height of the American Revolution, Virginia aristocrat Vannevar Thomas fell victim to a rogue vampire. The newly Embraced…
February 22, 2024

Guest Post – Fungi in Fiction by Adrian M. Gibson

Fungalpunk is a term that I coined for the release of my debut novel, Mushroom Blues. It’s a play on all the countless -punk subgenres, poking a bit of fun…
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February 21, 2024

Review: The Storm Beneath the World

“...Blessed is she who never discovers her talent. -The Redemption” The Storm Beneath the World by Michael R Fletcher is a unique new fantasy series by a man who is…
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February 21, 2024

Review: The Children of Chaos by Trudie Skies

Nathan's review of The Children of Chaos by Trudie Skies  While reading The Children of Chaos, there was something scratching a nostalgic itch in my brain. It took me forver to place it, but…
In the Shadow of their DyingBooksfantasyGrimdarkindie authorNovellareviews
February 21, 2024

Review: In the Shadow of Their Dying by Anna Smith Spark and Michael R. Fletcher

“The ground is bloodshed. The sea is bloodshed. The sky is thick with blood. So much death here that blood vapour rose from the ground, a mist like autumn mornings.”…
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February 21, 2024

Interview With Debut Author Adrian M. Gibson

Hello again dear reader or listener, didn't I promise you more goodies from our friend Adrian M. Gibson? I'm nothing if not a gal of my word! What we have…