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October 25, 2021

A Christmas Horror Story by Author Lennie Grace

A Christmas Horror Story by Author Lennie Grace.
October 23, 2021

SPFBO7 Review and Cut – Hooded by A.A. Woods

Cut review of Hooded by A.A. Woods. A thrilling story with a unique world and magic system
October 22, 2021

Review – The Last Graduate by Naomi Novik

I am giving The Last Graduate my highest rating. It is mind-blowing and fantastic. Thank god there is another book planned. If you are a fan of dark fantasy, then…
October 21, 2021

Review – A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik

Pick up Naomi Novik's first book of the Scholomance series, A Deadly Education to get sucked into a dark world where everything wants to kill you.
death by miracle#SPFBO7Books
October 20, 2021

SPFBO7 Review and Cut – Death by Miracle by Fowler Brown

#SPFBO7 REVIEWS "A Fun story that immediately sucks you in" DEATH BY MIRACLE by fowler brown Death By miracle by fowler brown Buy A Copy Here What is it about?…
The Long WalkBooksfirst chapter, first paragraph
October 19, 2021

First Chapter, First Paragraph – The Long Walk by Stephen King

The first paragraph from Stephen King's terrifying book, The Long Walk, a bunch of young men seek better lives at the expense of possible death.
when sorrows comeBooksreviews
October 19, 2021

Review – When Sorrows Come by Seanan McGuire

When Sorrows Come was not one of the best books of the series, however it is still entertaining.
October 18, 2021

On Writing by Stephen King Will Make You a Better Reader

The lessons you learn from On Writing will follow you through every epic tale, every suspenseful mystery, and every spacefaring adventure.