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June 22, 2024

Review: Ashes of the Sun (Burningblade & Silvereye #1) by Django Wexler

Long ago, a magical war destroyed the Chosen Empire, and a new republic rose from its ashes. But old grudges still simmer... 8.5/10 Hello dear reader or listener, I hope…
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June 22, 2024

Review: The Genesis of Change by Livia J. Elliot

“I am human”, past-Áurea whispered, walking ahead while glancing at the raven perched on her shoulder. “We must rectify that”, the alchemist cawed, blending into the shadows. Elliot shatters conventions…
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June 19, 2024

Review – Ethan of Athos by Lois Bujold (Pride)

What is Ethan of Athos? On Athos, a world without women, Dr. Ethan Urquhart delivers babies from uterine replicators. But when the ovarian cultures start dwindling, he is sent abroad…
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June 17, 2024

Television Review – House of the Dragon 2×1 “A Son for a Son”

HOUSE OF THE DRAGON 2x1 "A Son for A Son" is the season premiere of the second season of House of the Dragon. While a big supporter of this series…
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June 16, 2024

Review – Scum of the Earth by Alexander C. Kane

What is Scum of the Earth? Ezra Barker is a traitor. When the Merg invaded Earth, he didn’t fight or even hide. He cooperated, helping them as they seized control…
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June 15, 2024


If you've just watched "The Expanse" and found yourself drawn to science fiction, or if a colleague has raved about the awesomeness of "Stranger Things," and now you want some…
June 13, 2024

Movie Review – Abigail (2024)

What is Abigail? Radio Silence brings a new vision of vampires with Abigail as a heist team discovers that they're locked inside an isolated mansion with a girl who is…
Embers of a Fractured Soul#indiespotlightBookscover revealfantasyindie authornew release
June 12, 2024

COVER REVEAL: Embers of a Fractured Soul by Corey Ratliff

"If war is upon us, then war becomes us." Today, June 12th 2024, marks one year since Corey Ratliff kicked off his dark epic fantasy series with Whispers of a…