Note – Hi. I am putting a temporary hold on new requests. I have had quite a lot of interest and want to give the authors who requested a review my full attention. Thank you!


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Rating System

★★★★★ Fantastic!
★★★★ + 1/2 I Really liked it
★★★★    Great read
★★★ + 1/2 Good
★★★ Good but average
 ★★ + 1/2 Okay
★★    Not for me
★    DNF 


I attempt to read everything I am sent, however with time constraints it can be difficult. If I cannot get to your review before it releases I will do my best to create a promo piece celebrating the new release. I will contact you if that is the case.

  • I consider author interviews or guest posts. However, I prefer to feature authors I have read.
  • I write honest reviews for all the books I have read. My policy is that I may not like your book, and that is ok. I always call out positives and show how someone else will love it.
  • I try to read all the books promptly, let me know if there is a specific date by which you want something reviewed, and I will do my best to accommodate you.
  • I post my reviews on Goodreads, my blog, and Twitter.
  • I do not currently post to Amazon, I can, however, make accommodations.
  • I read a variety of genres. Specifically graphic novels, science fiction and fantasy (both YA and Adult), horror and bizarro.
  • I prefer hard copies of books, especially graphic novels due to how they read. But, I happily also accept e-books in pdf and .mobi format.
  • If you need my information for sending me hard copies, I am happy to provide it. Just email me.

Content Notes:

  • I call out specific moments in books that might be a little tougher for some members of the reading public to handle. This is usually in the more extreme cases.


  • I am currently not compensated for my reviews or my time.