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Note – We are putting a temporary hold on new requests. We have had quite a lot of interest and want to give the authors who requested a review our full attention. 

However, feel free to submit your novel and if there is interest, we will let you know. Thank you!


    Link to book:


    • If you have any questions please contact me at


    We attempt to read everything we are sent, however with time constraints it can be difficult. If we cannot get to your review before it releases we will do our best to create a promo piece celebrating the new release. We will contact you if that is the case.

    • We consider author interviews or guest posts. However, we prefer to feature authors I have read.
    • We write honest reviews for all the books we have read. Our policy is that we may not like your book, and that is ok. We always call out positives and show how someone else will love it.
    • We try to read all the books promptly, let me know if there is a specific date by which you want something reviewed, and we will do our best to accommodate you.
    • We post our reviews on Goodreads, BWG, and Twitter.
    • We do not currently post to Amazon, we can make accommodations.
    • We read a variety of genres. Specifically graphic novels, science fiction and fantasy (both YA and Adult), horror, and bizarro.
    • We prefer hard copies of books, especially graphic novels due to how they read. But, we happily accept e-books in pdf and .mobi format.
    • If you need our information for sending us hard copies, We are happy to provide it. Just email

    Content Notes:

    • We call out specific moments in books that might be a little tougher for some members of the reading public to handle. This is usually in the more extreme cases.


    • We are currently not compensated for our reviews or our time.