legacy of the brightwashBooksreviews
December 2, 2021

Review – Legacy of the Brightwash by Krystle Matar

Pick up Legacy of the Brightwash if you like: Intimate character work. A sleuth of compelling pulpy mysteries. Rich snippets of numerous sub-genres intertwined into fantasy. Relatable themes that resonate…
dark oakBooksreviews
December 1, 2021

Review – Dark Oak by Jacob Sannox

The prose and descriptive writing in Dark Oak is assuredly first-rate, hearkening back to the classic style that I completely adore. Save for an odd, modern colloquial "It is what…
the arrivalBooksgraphic novelreviews
November 30, 2021

Graphic Novel Review of “The Arrival” by Shaun Tan

In The Arrival by Shaun Tan, a picture really does speak a thousand words.
November 30, 2021


“Sundered Souls” is a wonderful book, easily a five-star read, and I feel it cements Tim Hardie as a fantasy star on the rise.
CENTURY BLADEBooksreviewsshort story
November 29, 2021

Short Story Sampler: The Century Blade by Rob J. Hayes

Rob Hayes shows his world-building strength and his character depth in Century Blade. There’s more to each character than what is on the page. They each hold their mysteries and…
eve koguceBooksinterview
November 28, 2021


Six Elemental Author series hosted by P.L. Stuart interviews ​Eve Koguce. She is the author of Neglected Merge and Tangled Choices.
November 27, 2021

An interview with Neal Stephenson, Author of Termination Shock

An interview with author Neal Stephenson where we talk about his various releases over the years and his newest book Termination Shock.
November 26, 2021

Review: When Things Get Dark Edited by Ellen Datlow

When Things Get Dark is an impressive book that is to celebrate one woman whose work was genre-defining.