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May 2024 continues an absolutely STACKED spring/summer for new fantasy books! May is shaping up to a stunning month, especially for readers hungry for epic fantasy! Keep reading below to see some of the books that I am most excited for in May!


The Silverblood Promise by James Logan (May 7, Tor)

Heists, magica monsters, and quippy characters fill up this debut novel that is perfect for fans of The Lies of Locke Lamora. This is the perfect fun epic fantasy to kick off the summer season (at least for those of us in the northern hemisphere!), and as it goes it gets darker and more epic. This is a “beach read” with depth, and it sets up what is sure to be a fantastic new epic fantasy series. See my full review here.

The Fall of Giants by Gregory Kontaxis (May 10; Self-Published)

Last year Gregory Kontaxis began his Dance of the Light pentalogy with a bang; The Return of the Knights opened with an epic battle that most authors would reserve for a series climax and then never took its foot off the gas. Kontaxis is now back with The Fall of the Giants, a slower paced book that is more focused on its characters and worldbuilding – full of mermaids, wyverns, giants, elves, a pegasus, and more. While quieter, this book still has its epic moments (just look at that cover!).

The Dragon Legion by Isaac Hill (May 14; Self-Published)

Action-packed and straight to the point, The Dragon Legion is full of medieval style battles, political betrayals, and more. If you like your low fantasy to be LOW and the decaptiations high, The Dragon Legion is the book for you. I should have my full review out soon!

Lost Ark Dreaming by Suyi Davies Okungbowa (May 21; Tordotcom)

A climate science fiction novella, this story is pretty much summed as “horizontal Snowpiercer“. As sea levels are rising and the world is becoming uninhabitable for humans, everyone must collect into a series of towering skyscrapers – with the wealthy and powerful getting to live at the top while the poorest must live in the underwater portions without windows or abundant resources. This novella is told in a variety of different styles, from traditional prose to poems, in-universe news articles, and more that all combine to make for a thrilling and unique reading experience. My full review will be coming soon!

The Way of the Wizard by Michael Michel (May 21; Self-Published)

Michael Michel wowed me last year with this complex, dark epic debut The Price of Power. The sequel to that book is due later this year, but in the meantime Michel is treating us to another series starter that is suppossed to be a throwback to old-school fantasy adventures with elements of grimdark and progression fantasy. Plus, if The Price of Power feels like a bit too much of an investment right now, Way of the Wizard comes in at a brisk sub-300 page count!

Dreadful by Caitlin Rozakis (May 28; Titan)

May sees the release of two new books about people finding themselves as the ultimate “Dark One” of a fantasy world (the other being How to Become the Dark Lord by Django Wexler). If you only want to read one, I recommend Dreadful. Wexler’s book didn’t work for me at all with its crass, awkward humor that overly objectified its lead female character. Dreadful is a bit lighter and the humor works much better with the worldbuilding without becoming grating. It is a loving satire of the fantasy genre and Dark Lords everywhere!

The Fireborne Bladby Charlotte Bond (May 28; Tordotcom)


If you love old-school, dragon-slaying quest fantasy with magical swords, but also want it to have a sapphic romance at the center and will only take you an afternoon or two to knock out, The Fireborne Blade should be at the top of your TBR. Combining some cool storytelling tricks that include multiple timelines and in-universe history books (without every being confusing), this was a cool and exciting novella. A sequel is due this fall, although this one can pretty much be read as a standalone.

Soul Cage by LR Schulz (May 28; Self-Published)

Luke Schulz is a pretty big name in the self-pubbed fantasy world. His debut book The King’s Radiance has gotten rave reviews from grimdark fans, and it has been on my personal TBR for far too long! In May, he publishes the first book in a brand new series and I am using this as an opportunity to jump into Schulz’s work. The early reviews for this one has been very strong, and so I cannot wait to dive in!

A Memory of Song by Scott Palmer (May 29; Self-Published)









Debut author Scott Palmer brings readers to a brand new, dark fantasy world with music based magic. This is a dense book with some intense worldbuilding elements, but once you get into the heart of the story you will be introduced to a group of complex and deep characters that you will bond with – so much so that your heart will be ripped from your chest when the crulest things happen to them. For the first little bit I had a hard time getting my bearings with this book, but once it clicked it CLICKED. You can read my full review here.


Die Young by Morgan Shank (May 30; Self-Published)

I don’t know too much about this book, but when I saw this cover I knew that I needed to get my hands on a review copy immediately! Die Young is the first book in a new series by Shank, and it is a miliary fantasy that promises plenty of bloody battles and action. This one is very high on my May TBR!


Nathan is a PhD Candidate in Anthropology where he specializes in death rituals of the Ice Age in Europe and queer theory. Originally from Ohio, he currently lives in Kansas where he teaches college anthropology, watches too much TV, and attempts to make the perfect macarons in a humid climate. He is also the co-host of The Dragonfire podcast with James Lloyd Dulin. He reads widely in fantasy and sci-fi and is always looking for new favorites!

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