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the dead take the a trainBookshorrorreviews
September 22, 2023

Review: The Dead Take the A Train by Cassandra Khaw and Richard Kadrey

“If any of Julie’s youthful illusions had survived her twenties, they were gone now, eaten alive by the realization in six months, she’d be thirty-one, still with nothing to show…
September 21, 2023

Video Game Review – Cyberpunk 2077 – Three Years Later

CYBERPUNK 2077 has been a rocky-rocky road since its release in December 2020. While it's not exactly been three years, as of September 21st, 2023, it has recently received its…
September 20, 2023

Review – Sistah Samurai: A Champloo Novella by Tatiana Obey

“Someone's got to teach these fools: Never disrespect a Black woman.” Now, I don’t know about you, but when I heard the comp title “Afro samurai meets The Sword of…
September 19, 2023

Map Reveal! The Lands Of Namarr Drawn by Daniel Hasenbos

Check Out the new map from Daniel Hasenbos for The Price of Power series by Michael Michel Artist Info: Daniel Hasenbos Twitter: @DanielsMaps IG: @danielsmaps
black sheepBooksreviews
September 19, 2023

Review: Black Sheep by Rachel Harrison

“A cynical twentysomething must confront her unconventional family’s dark secrets in this fiery, irreverent horror novel from the author of Such Sharp Teeth and Cackle.” Hello again dear reader or…
#indiespotlightArtistscover revealfantasynew release
September 19, 2023

Cover Reveal – Legacy of a Hated God by Patrick Samphire

COVER REVEAL  LEGACY OF A HATED GOD by Patrick Samphire  Nik Thorn should know better than to get involved with gods. But when a priest of a hated god asks…
September 18, 2023

Review and Discussion: Phased by Victoria Tecken

“‘I never thought we would find any hope when we left this place. It feels good to belong somewhere again. I feel like there are people outside these walls that…
cold west#SPFBO9Booksreviews
September 18, 2023

SPFBO9 Semi-Finalist Review: Cold West by Clayton Snyder

“As for the girl, she’d find her own way. The tough ones always do.” John Mauro’s Review: Clayton Snyder is in peak form with his grimdark Weird Western, Cold West.…