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April 19, 2024

Video Game Review – Fallout 76

“Crawl out through the fallout, baby.” FALLOUT 76 is a game that both frustrates me as well as invites me in. Six years ago, I was one of the early…
Booksfantasyindie author
April 18, 2024

Review: The Burial by Drew Montgomery

A promise that cannot be broken. A wife who will not accept defeat. The Burial by Drew Montgomery is a short standalone fantasy novel about a woman who undertakes a…
April 18, 2024

Review: Relics of Ruin by Erin Evans

The tl;dr: Relics of Ruin has a very different vibe from its predecessor, Empire of Exiles. This means that it takes a bit to warm up to the slower paced,…
The BanishedBooksfantasyNovellareviews
April 18, 2024

Review: The Banished by H.C. Newell

H.C. Newell captures the brutal aftermath of Curse of the Fallen with her novella, The Banished, which is essential reading for fans of Newell’s dark epic fantasy series, Fallen Light.…
Empire of the DamnedBooksfantasyGrimdarknew releasereviewsVampires
April 17, 2024

Review: Empire of the Damned by Jay Kristoff

“There are none more afraid of dying... Than those who live forever.” Holy fucking hell, Jay Kristoff has done it again! Thrilling, shocking, gut wrenching, intense, risqué, emotional, and darkly…
April 16, 2024

Indian Burial Ground by Nick Medina – Tour Excerpt

All Noemi Broussard wanted was a fresh start. With a new boyfriend who actually treats her right and a plan to move from the reservation she grew up on—just like…
April 16, 2024

Review: The Familiar by Leigh Bardugo

Nathan's review of The Familiar by Leigh Bardugo The tl;dr: A lush, dark, and angry historical fantasy, The Familiar is a fantastic evolution of Bardugo's writing as she enters into a new genre. The Familiar follows…
Featured BooksLGBTQIAreviews
April 16, 2024

Review – PLURALITIES – by Avi Silver

“I was a shapeshifter, worshipped for my pluralities. Without, within. So many stories of self, huddled together to wander the void of my own uncertainty, fleeing and seeking in equal…