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“Nae woman isna as deadly with a blade”

Karen McCompostine, an author acclaimed in certain, if not sizeable, circles returns with her latest novel, a daring fusion of epic fantasy, grim dark realisticness, historical inaccuracy, heartwarming romance and illogical magic.

Set in the 16th Century, the 20th Century and some other centuries as well, this tale will take you, the reader, on a thrilling journey as the powers of good and evil do epic battle though those centuries. This is not a boring story, though, because it has been expertly (I underline this word for emphasis) edited. It’s also quite short, despite all the centuries involved.

Within these pages of a book you will follow the adventures of our plucky and limber Highland heroine, Connie McSplunge. Connie believes her life as a Highland warrior is her life, yet fickle fate has other ideas and soon young Connie’s life will be turned upside down.

Will good triumph over evil and will Connie’s aching heart find solace in the arms of a fitness instructor?

Find out all this, and much more, besides in The Handwarmers of Immortality!

Anticipated reviews: (I have filled in the text to avoid leaving a gap, which I will then update when the reviews arrive):

“The best thing I’ve ever written, and coming from me that’s saying something!”
Karen McCompostine, author of The Edible Highlander Saga

“What just happened?”
The New Yorker

“This is not a film.”
Total Film

“Please do not send us any more of your work. We wish you well in your future endeavours.”
Grimdark Magazine

“The only redeeming quality is there are cars in this novel.”
Top Gear Magazine

“The only redeeming quality is Blackpool features in this novel.”
Blackpool Gazette


Ms. McCompostine’s Bio

I have been raised by nuns, which is how you create an atheist that never swears. My favourite of the nuns, who collected pictures of Marlo Brandon (I thought this is where I should mention that I prefer to change names in case I get sued) has fascinated me with the idea of art, such as movies. But due to me living in cognito, which is caused by a little misunderstanding – when I was living on one of my boyfriend’s many yachts, how was I to know that the white powder in the plastic bags was drugs? It felt intuitive to me that in case his friends descend upon in an unexpected visit, it would be good to have flour at hand. And then a visit has descended, and it was very much unexpected, but this I am keeping for my memoirs (the working title: The Life and Art of an Author).

So what you should know is really only that I live in a small town in England, which is in the United Kingdom (I mention this for the benefit of my readers in the European Union) together with my beloved dog Lassie, whom I named after Lassie from the movie Lassie. And with my husband Gunther. But mostly with Lassie.

Note from publisher

While the ‘author photo’ has been made using Stable Diffusion and Photoshop’s generative tools, no part of actual The Handwarmers of Immortality book has been written, edited, designed, or in any way aided by AI. As a self-published author, Karen strongly believes in the value of human work. Also, not even sentient Ping-Pong Translate could come up with any part of Karen’s oeuvre. Trust us on this.

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