Thunder, thunder, thunder, thunder

Merry Christmas!

First, let us talk about how cool the song Thunderstruck is by AC\DC. Then you add a cello cover and you have a perfect thing. Seriously, this is one of those songs that make you bang your head and jump up and down. Maybe it is just me? Either way, this is a memorable video and worth a watch. Check it out!

#MusicMonday – BRÅVES — Dust

Rips my heart open every time.

Man, this is a powerful bit of music. I don’t know why but I seem to gravitate towards music that has a bit of swag to it. This is one of those songs that I have on repeat that I can’t seem to get enough of. Take a listen. 

One more thing. Their original music video is NSFW. This one is safe.

If you see waves in the video on youtube, that is the NSFW one.