#MusicMonday Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra – Do it With a Rockstar

You want swag, you want badassery, Look no further than Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra. Not only is she an amazing author, singer and artist in general, she is also partners with the incredible and creative Neil Gaimon who is swoon worthy in his own right. She brings the chops to every song she sings or lyrics she writes. In 2012 Amanda released this jewel of a song that I have gone hoarse to many times. Be sure to sing it at the top of your lungs.

As always, a nod to Drew at Sarcastic Book Geek for the #MusicMonday idea.

#MusicMonday Sixteen Saltines by Jack White

Hold my book while I do a badass saunter away. For some reason most of the music I choose is in to aide me feeling like a badass as much as possible. Enter pretty much any of Jack White’s music whether it was as a member of The White Stripes as a solo act, his music is gritty and guitar heavy with a little southern swagger. Dig it.

As always, a nod to Drew at Sarcastic Book Geek for the #MusicMonday idea.

#musicmonday Gogol Bordello – Start Wearing Purple

This is one of those songs that on first listening may seem odd and silly, but I have heard this song about a 1000 times now, This is one of my husband’s favorite songs, and I totally dig it. Who would have thought of a punk/gypsy mashup would be so catchy.

#Musicmonday Mickey by Toni Basil


Todays kick ass song was going to be Sound of Silence by Disturbed (you are killing me @drew.   He beat me to the punch with his #musicmonday last week. I do recommend checking out his reviews and his #musicmonday though, always good well thought out and funny.

Instead, today’s kick-ass song is…

drum roll..

The earworm that is Toni Basil

Do not lie, you know you want to bounce around now. It is impossible not to.