What a week...

Again, on this slow train of a disaster there is always seem to be something to look forward to read or lift our spirits. I know that the reading community has kept my spirits up day in and day out, and reminds me on a constant basis the good and exciting things we can look forward to as a community.

Thank you for being a part of that.

Articles from the Bookblogging World

Great list of upcoming releases!

Great review worth checking out. 

“An experimental community in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. The eruption of Mt. Rainer and the ecological and societal fallout. A lost species that becomes caught in the middle of the run to survive. Max Brooks proves again that an epistolary novel can be just as nerve-wracking and character-driven as any other text.”  – Great review from one of my favorite bloggers.

“My oldest is a huge reader. He likes most kinds of books, although he tends to gravitate toward sci-fi and fantasy. I like to interview him every few months and get his take on books that he’s read and enjoyed. Today, I’m asking him about his favorite fantasy books. If you’re looking for middle-grade fantasy books to read, here are some he recommends.”  – This was me as a kid. 

Articles to Check Out


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