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First Chapter, First Paragraph – Daughters of Forgotten Light by Sean Grigsby

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First Chapter, First Paragraph

That’s one thing they never told Lena Horror about space – how damn dark it is. Her gang sped down the glowing glass streets of Oubliette, but it was only a tease of light, false and too dim for comfort. Their cyclone motorcycles didn’t exactly have wheels, even though Grindy had always called them that. They were round like wheels, they spun like wheels, but the bikes hovered on swirling circles of blazing light. Pretty as Christmas in Hell and three times as hot. No wind blew on Oubliette, but Lena wasn’t about to let that stop her. If she just went fast enough the illusion of wind could be created. She adored feeling her hair thwap against the back of her shoulders and tickle her ears, the flapping brown strands a lot louder than the low hum of two-wheeled death between her legs. But most of all, she liked how the cyclones lit up the city, piercing the shadows and let- ting everyone know, when they saw blue light bouncing off the buildings, the Daughters of Forgotten Light were coming.

Book Synopsis

A floating prison is home to Earth’s unwanted people, where they are forgotten… but not yet dead, in this wild science fiction adventure

Deep space penal colony Oubliette, population: scum.

Lena “Horror” Horowitz leads the Daughters of Forgotten Light, one of three vicious gangs fighting for survival on Oubliette. Their fragile truce is shaken when a new shipment arrives from Earth carrying a fresh batch of prisoners and supplies to squabble over. But the delivery includes two new surprises: a drone, and a baby. Earth Senator Linda Dolfuse wants evidence of the bloodthirsty gangs to justify the government finally eradicating the wasters dumped on Oubliette. There’s only one problem: the baby in the drone’s video may be hers.

Why You Should Check This Out…

Sean Grigsby writes fun stories. Smoke Eaters and Ash Kickers are exciting urban fantasy romps. Daughters of forgotten Light has biker gangs, motorcycles, cannibals, and political injustice. Looks like an insanely fun story. Check it out!

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