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Crossroad Press has begun re-releasing the original White Wolf fiction produced in the Nineties. They re-released the Dark Age Clan Novels, Clan Novels, and Grail Covenant Trilogy a couple of years ago but now have the contract for all of the books. Recently, they’ve started re-releasing the rest! I thought I’d share what’s now available.

The Clan Novel Series

  1. Clan Novel: Toreador by Stewart Wieck
  2. Clan Novel: Tzimisce by Eric Griffin
  3. Clan Novel: Gangrel by Gherbod Fleming
  4. Clan Novel: Setite by Kathleen Ryan
  5. Clan Novel: Ventrue by Gherbod Fleming
  6. Clan Novel: Lasombra by Richard E. Dansky
  7. Clan Novel: Assamite by Gherbod Fleming
  8. Clan Novel: Ravnos by Kathleen Ryan
  9. Clan Novel: Malkavian by Justin Achilli
  10. Clan Novel: Giovanni by Justin Achilli
  11. Clan Novel: Brujah by Gherbod Fleming
  12. Clan Novel: Tremere by Eric Griffin
  13. Clan Novel: Nosferatu by Gherbod Fleming
  14. Clan Novel Anthology by Various
  15. Clan Novel Lasombra Trilogy 1#: Shards by Bruce Baugh
  16. Clan Novel Lasombra Trilogy 2#: Shadows by Bruce Baugh
  17. Clan Novel Lasombra Trilogy 3#: Sacrifices by Bruce Baugh
  18. Clan Novel Trilogy: Brujah #1: Slave Ring by Tim Dedopulos
  19. Clan Novel Trilogy: Brujah #2: The Overseer by Tim Dedopulos
  20. Clan Novel Trilogy: Brujah #3: The Puppet Masters by Tim Dedopulos

Dark Age Clan Novels

  1. Dark Ages Clan Novel: Nosferatu by Gherbod Fleming
  2. Dark Ages Clan Novel: Assamite by Stefan Petrucha
  3. Dark Ages Clan Novel: Cappadocian by Andrew Bates
  4. Dark Ages Clan Novel: Setite by Kathleen Ryan
  5. Dark Ages Clan Novel: Lasombra by David Niall Wilson
  6. Dark Ages Clan Novel: Ravnos by Sarah Roark
  7. Dark Ages Clan Novel: Malkavian by Ellen Kiley
  8. Dark Ages Clan Novel: Brujah by Myranda Kalis
  9. Dark Ages Clan Novel: Toreador by Janet Trautvetter
  10. Dark Ages Clan Novel: Gangrel by Tim Waggoner
  11. Dark Ages Clan Novel: Tremere by Sarah Roark
  12. Dark Ages Clan Novel: Ventrue by Matthew McFarland
  13. Dark Ages Clan Novel: Tzimisce by Myranda Kalis

Grail Covenant Trilogy

  1. To Sift Through Bitter Ashes by David Niall Wilson
  2. To Speak in Lifeless Tongues by David Niall Wilson
  3. To Dream of Dreamers by David Niall Wilson

Victorian Age Vampire

  1. A Morbid Initiation by Philippe Boulle
  2. The Madness of Priests by Philippe Boulle
  3. The Wounded King by Philippe Boulle

Dark Prince Duology

  1. Dark Prince by Keith Herber
  2. Prince of the City by Keith Herber

Werewolf: The Apocalypse

  1. When Will You Rage? by Various

Wraith: The Oblivion and Orpheus

  1. Haunting the Dead (Orpheus) by Stefan Petrucha
  2. The Ebon Mask (Wraith: The Oblivion) by Richard Lee Byers 

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