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It is my great pleasure to provide the exclusive cover reveal for Pride, Pain, and Petticoats Volume 2, the continuation of the trans sapphic fantasy romance series by Abigail Trusity. The first book won my heart with its up-close portrayal of the transformation of Tarence to Taryn and the emotional fallout–and joy–that followed in its wake as she found a group of sisters in etiquette school and learned to understand and love herself, and other women, as she never had before. Read my full review here.

Like the first book, volume 2 (I’m reading the ARC as we speak and it’s a delight) ventures deep into the quicksand marshes of the trans emotional landscape, where moments of joy and euphoria can be sucked away in an instant, but Trusity always gives us sturdy vines of hope and romance to pull ourselves up by. That’s why I love the covers of both these books, which are unabashedly trans, feminine, and beautiful.

Here is the blurb:

A few months have passed since Countess Taryn Moxley’s life was turned upside-down. Sent to an etiquette school to learn something about being a noblewoman, she swiftly found herself swept by found family, eager to have her acclimate! Though she was slipping into the role easily enough, this gives her time for introspection, something she’d been avoiding for nearly a decade. An uncomfortable truth looms beneath the surface, one Taryn can’t possibly keep hidden anymore.

But she must, as her eldest brother Frederick is visiting Marianne’s Academy! Cast between finally releasing her true self and desperately trying to stuff it back into the wardrobe it spilled from, Taryn takes on a fictitious name in order to hide in plain sight! If she can manage, she can have more time to explore her truth, but if not… Taryn fears her brother will never truly accept her!

And in the capital, the political situation begins to deteriorate. Prince Brendan learns of the kingdom’s realpolitik approach to a treasonous organization, thus far ultimately responsible for the attack on the Princess’s name day, and gets to the bottom of just what happened to his friend and confidant, and why! Between his idealistic posturing and his father’s realistic governance, Brendan is left looking for a better way, and that starts by gathering allies!

As the pieces begin to fill the board, where fits the petticoated lady holding tight to her pride and working through her pain?

Tempted? Scroll down for the cover!

Here’s the cover of the first book, in case you missed it:

Cover of Pride, Pain, & Petticoats by Abby S. Trusity, in the light blue and pink trans flag colors with a woman's legs and dress in the background

And here’s the cover of volume two in all its transfem glory, made by the talented Kara Mcintosh:

Cover of Pride, Pain, and Petticoats volume 2 by Abby S. Trusity, in the light blue and pink colors of the trans flag, showing possibly a cloak and a wardrobe

The book will be out unbelievably soon, so why not add it on Goodreads while you’re here?

And keep and eye out for my review, which will be coming next weekend!

And one last thing before you go: Abby will be taking part in a big transfeminine SFF author roundtable interview here on the blog in late October with five other authors talking about craft and worldbuilding. You’re not going to want to miss it!


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