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The Life List

By March 5, 2016March 11th, 20162 Comments

This will be a very “listy” post. For obvious reasons, see title.  I thought it would be a good idea to get some of my goals and stuff up and crossed off. I know, super long list and it is constantly getting updated. This is by no means all of them. But a good start and I plan on writing posts about them:


Personal Goals


  1. Become and ordained Minister.
  2. Solve a Rubicks cube
  3. Fall in love and get married
  4. Have a baby
    1. Subsequent baby calls me momma
  5. Create a Rube Goldberg Machine
  6. Find a conch shell. The Conch Catastrophy
  7. Walk a mile backwards
  8. get a tattoo
  9. Break a bone And This Little Piggy Went Directly Into a Baby Gate and Broke
  10. Create and set off a thermite explosion
  11. Open a champagne bottle with a saber.
  12. Get fired, especially (but not limited to) when you’re getting fired because you want to get fired.  (Should happen to everyone at least once)
  13. Own a flame thrower
  14. Dance with my dad at my wedding
  15. Learn to BBQ some “Slap yo mama” ribs
  16. Save a life
  17. Go whale watching (Again, Thank you Bruce and Melissa)
  18. Cook a book
  19. Be able to do the scorpion yoga pose
  20. Have a hero.
  21. Be a hero.
  22. Meet your hero.
  23. Go ghost hunting.
  24. Lose 130 pounds (wow seems like a lot! It is a freaking lot. Oh well)
  25. Become a published author
  26. Have my artwork displayed in a gallery (When I was 12, but still counts)
  27. Publish a children’s book
  28. Restore a classic car
  29. Restore an old house
  30. Hug a redwood  The Redwood Didn’t Hug Back..Jerkface
  31. Start a blog! (it can be found here :P)
  32. make a 16 hour full day playlist  (I am on Spotify if you want to find me)
  33. Read a book about every american president
  34. Swim / stand under a waterfall (one in Zion pushed me flat to the ground)
  35. Ride a harley
  36. Cruise in a ferrari
  37. swim with dolphins
  38. Become a vegetarian (for 6 months, but I did it)
  39. Taste the finest wine. (Sweet surrender – from Keyways Winery)
  40. read the top 100 books (List can be found here Modern Libraries Reader’s List)
  41. run a marathon
    1. 3.5r
    2. mini
    3. 1/2
    4. whole
  42. Have 100,000 in savings
  43. Have 10,000 in savings
  44. Have 1,000 in savings
  45. Have 10 bucks in savings
  46. Own a 1971 Mach 1 mustang (have only hugged one, and drooled from afar)
  47. Dye hair black and blue
  48. Dye hair red and black
  49. Read the Kama sutra
  50. Know the names of all the American presidents
  51. Memorize the rhyme of the ancient mariner
  52. Complete a triathlon
  53. Walk a labyrinth  
  54. Help Lisa Fly in a plane
  55. Roll around in 20’s like the 3rd rate rap star that I am
  56. Roll around in 50’s like the 2nd rate rap star that I am
  57. Roll around in 100’s like the 1st rate rap star that I am
  58. Change my own serpentine belt
  59. Change my own brakes
  60. Change my own oil
  61. Rotate my own tires
  62. Fly my car 30 feet
  63. make 1000 paper cranes
  64. Attend the Nebula Awards (Thank you Bruce and Melissa. You made one of my dreams come true)
  65. Meet Neil Gaiman (I hugged him)
  66. See a major league baseball game
  67. Participate in a food fight
  68. Read 1000 books
  69. Be photographed in the Iconic breakfast at Tiffany’s pose.
  70. Get a blue box from Tiffany’s.
  71. Go grape stomping
  72. Experience a white christmas
  73. Hug a pug (Lisa, I miss your pugs. Snort snort)
  74. Watch over 100 artists live in concert.
    1. Dave Mathews
    2. Dave Mathews and Tim Reynolds
    3. Elton John and the red piano
    4. Reba Mcentire
    5. Rodrigo y Gabriella
    6. Metallica
    7. Godsmack
    8. U2
    9. Black eyed peas
    10. Buckeye cherry
    11. Cypress Hill
    12. Kitty
    13. nonpoint
    14. Cherry Poppin Daddies
    15. Big bad voodoo Daddy
    16. Big bad voodoo Daddy
    17. New Kids on the Block
    18. The killers
    19. Phil Lesh and Trey Anastasio
    20. The Black Crowes
    21. Damien Marley
    22. Godsmack
    23. Deftones
    24. Homegrown
    25. Incubus
    26. Stone Temple Pilots
    27. The Keller Williams Incident featuring Keller Williams backed by The String Cheese Incident
    28. Big and Rich
  1. Watch a Cirque du Soleil show. (Seen a few, those crazy bastards)
  2. Kiss under mistletoe
  3. Experience zero gravity
  4. Go to a drive in move (many times as a kid)
  5. Test-drive a car you can’t really afford
  6. Try on jewelry you can’t afford. (Tried on a pinky ring that cost a half million dollars)




  1. See the underground Paris catacombs
  2. Eat pasta in Italy
  3. Travel through five states in a day
  4. See Starry Night in person at the MOMA. (almost saw it on a New York trip. It was traveling..I almost sat on the floor and cried. Had to make do with Jaspar Jones)
  5. Go on an Alaskan Cruise with my family
  6. See the inauguration of an American president
  7. Visit times square
  8. Visit every state
    1. Alabama
      New Hampshire
      New Jersey
      New Mexico
      New York
      North Carolina
      North Dakota
      Rhode Island
      South Carolina
      South Dakota
      West Virginia
  9. Visit Montreal, Quebec and see the ice hotel
  10. Visit the seven sacred pools
  11. Visit the Athabasca glacier
  12. Go to a TED Conference
  13. See the Olympics
  14. Go to Mardi Gras
  15. Go to Oktoberfest
  16. See Versailles
  17. Go to the Louvre
  18. See Niagara Falls
  19. Have Buffalo wings in Buffalo New York
  20. See Falling Water house
  21. Go to the Caribbean
  22. Visit Jamaica
  23. Cruise the Greek Islands
  24. Hike Kilimanjaro
  25. Visit the Grand Canyon
  26. Kayak the grand canyon
  27. See the smokey mountains
  28. Climb a great big mountain. (climbed Mt. Charleston 11,916 ft)
  29. Ride the Trans Siberian railroad
  30. Storm a castle in Ireland
  31. Walk the Inca Trail and see Machu Picchu
  32. Be serenaded by a venetian gondolier (maybe next time. really expensive in Venice)
  33. skinny dip in Ireland
  34. Drive across the USA (Have driven south to north on both sides of the US)
  35. Go to the mall of america
  36. See Mt. Rushmore
  37. Visit my fathers hometown in Tennessee
  38. Helicopter ride over a Hawaiian Volcano
  39. Helicopter ride over the Strip
  40. See wolves in yellowstone
  41. Go to New Orleans
    1. Try a hurricane
    2. Try a Muffalata
    3. See Jackson square
    4. See the french quarter
    5. Have Beignets and Creole coffee.
    6. Get some beads.
    7. Have some seriously southern food, gumbo, red beans and rice, alligator.
  42. See Flamenco dance live in Spain
  43. Drink Hot Cocoa in Switzerland
  44. Live in Italy for three months
    1. See the city center of pienza
    2. See the blue grotto
    3. See the Last Supper
    4. Visit Assisi
    5. Frasassi Cave
    6. Visit the botanical garden of Padua
    7. See Cinque terre
    8. See Verona Italy
      1. Say “Romeo Romeo where for art thou Romeo” in Verona.
    9. See Villa D’este
    10. Visit Genoa Italy and eat some seafood
    11. Visit Rome
      1. Visit the Holy See
      2. Michangelo’s David
      3. The Colosseum
        1. Go into the Colosseum
      4. The Pantheon
      5. Have the best Gelato in Italy
      6. Arch of Constantine
      7. Church of Santa Constanza
      8. Tempietto di San Pietro
      9. Villa Farnesia
      10. Colonade of St. Peter
      11. San Carlo alle Quattro Fontone
      12. Basilica of San Marino
      13. Trevi Fountain
    12. Visit Florence
      1. San Minialo al monte
      2. Palazzo medici
      3. florence cathedral
      4. Hear the bells pf florence
      5. Have a hotel that faces the dome
      6. Hospital of the innocents
      7. Palazzo Vecchio
      8. Palazzo Piti
      9. Florence Baptistery
      10. Uffizi
      11. Boboli Gardens
    13. See Castle Vecchio in Verona
    14. See the Hospital of Santa Maria della Scalla
    15. Palazzo piccolomini in Pienza
    16. Palazzo Ducale in Urbina
    17. Villa Farnese, Caparola
    18. See Nice
    19. See Sienna
    20. See pompei
    21. Watch the races in Sienna
    22. See the Leaning tower of Piza
    23. Cross from Italy into France
    24. See Lake Como
  45. Sleep in hotel California
  46. See Angel Falls in Venezuela
  47. Experience a dim sum breakfast in Hong Kong
  48. Go on a cruise
  49. Bike across the USA
  50. Attend a comic con
  51. See Venice beach
  52. See Venice canals
    1. Basilica of San Marco
    2. Feed the insane number of pigeons in front of the basilica
    3. See the Church of the redeemer
    4. Santa Maria dei miracoli
    5. Ca d’oro
    6. Watch glass blowing in Venice
  53. See The Venetian in Las Vegas
  54. See the Hershey’s chocolate Factory
  55. See the Spiral Jetty
  56. Have Dim Sum in San Francisco You lose some, and then you dim sum.
  57. Find the best pork buns in San Francisco



  1. Try Kopi Luac coffee or poop coffee
  2. Try 100 year old balsamic Vinegar
  3. Cook and eat a Chinese tea egg An Egg-ceptul amount of Umam
  4. Go panning for gold
  5. Forge my own knife
  6. Brew my own beer
  7. Blow my own glass
  8. Create a ring plane
  9. Fly a paper airplane 500 feet
  10. Create a supper club
  11. Start a science fiction book club
  12. Help build a house for habitat for humanity
  13. See the murmuration of Starlings
  14. Go zorbing
  15. Go white water rafting
  16. Fly in a hot air balloon
  17. Go in a submarine
  18. Race cars on a track
  19. Do an AIDS walk
    1. 3 day breast cancer walk
    2. Do a MS walk
    3. Do an Alzheimers walk
  20. See Nesun Dorma sung live
  21. Attend a ballet
  22. Be a trainer for a day at sea world
  23. Go skydiving
  24. get boobs done
  25. Have a bonfire on the beach
  26. Drink glacier water
  27. Walk on hot coals
  28. Catch a firefly
  29. Fire Dragons breath from a shotgun
  30. See the salmon run
  31. Go dog sledding
  32. See the naked bike race
  33. Ride an elephant
  34. Dive with sharks
  35. Research my family tree 
  36. Change a flat tire
  37. Hug a redwood tree



  1. Teach a college class
  2. Take Tango lessons
  3. Take a bartending class
  4. Take a molecular gastronomy class
  5. Learn to glide step
  6. Learn to Juggle  (I can juggle 4 balls for a few seconds, but mostly 3)
  7. Learn to roll quarters across my knuckles.
  8. Learn to speak
    1. Spanish
    2. German
    3. French
    4. Italian
  9. Take shooting lessons
  10. Become good at pool
  11. Become a black belt
  12. Take flamenco lessons
  13. Learn to ski
  14. Get Scuba certified
  15. Learn to belly dance
  16. Learn to weld
  17. learn to play guitar
  18. Learn to Surf
  19. Learn to boogie board
  20. Learn snowboarding (changing this one to “Try snowboarding” learn that you hate it)
  21. Learn Origami
  22. Learn to program (This is ongoing, but I have learned the basics)


  1. Bake 30 types of brownies
  2. Make 30 types of hot cocoa
  3. Eat ham from/in spain
  4. Make dinner for 25 people. Done this one twice.
  5. Drink 50 types of tea
  6. Try 50 whiskeys
  7. Make 50 types of pie
  8. Drink thirty year old scotch
  9. Make an old fashioned pie. “More hot pies! More hot pies! – Part 1”
  10. Make turkish delight.
  11. Make Ratatouille.
  12. Make Coq au vin.
  13. Make French Macaroons.
  14. Flambe something
  15. Make Boeuf Bourguignon.
  16. Make Black forest cake.



  1. Grow a cutting tree
  2. Grow a lemon tree
  3. grow a “black” rose
  4. Become a master gardener
  5. Grow a cutting garden
  6. Set up a hydroponics garden


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