The Books I Give Everyone at Christmas

Hello, all you wonderful people out there. I thought I would take a moment and actually do a bit of a Christmas post. Merry Christmas!

There are a couple of books that I want to throw out there that are beautiful and/or fun and make excellent gifts. Just in case you have not heard of them.

Let me know if you can think of other wonderful book to give. I am not done with my Christmas shopping yet!

The Adventures of the Princess and Mr. Whiffle: The Thing Beneath The Bed – Double Signed


It is signed people! Plus as far as I know, this is out of print and one of the most delightfully screwed up books I have ever read. You can buy it off of the worldbuilders site for charity. Please, trust me. If you know someone with a slightly warped sense of humor who loves books, this is a good present. 

The Black Book of Colors

by Menena Cottin

This is one of those strange and beautiful books that you sit on a shelf and peruse every so often so that you can have a moment of frission when you realize what this is. here is the description, “It is very hard for a sighted person to imagine what it is like to be blind. This groundbreaking, award-winning book endeavors to convey the experience of a person who can only see through his or her sense of touch, taste, smell or hearing.

What does the color red look like

to a child who is

not sighted?

Raised black line drawings on black paper, which can be deciphered by touch, complement a beautifully written text describing colors through imagery. Braille letters accompany the text so that the sighted reader can begin to imagine what it is like to use Braille to read. A full Braille alphabet at the end of the book can be used to learn more.”  This book tries to explain it. It is one of the most beautiful books I have ever had the fortune of reading.

Arcology: The City in the Image of Man

by Paolo Soleri

Sorry, this is about as good a cover picture as I could get.

“Arcology: The City In The Image of Man has become legendary among scholars, architects, artists, and librarians around the world. It established Paolo Soleri as one of the most innovative minds of our time. 
The challenging concept of Arcology, Soleri’s fusion of architecture and ecology, is illustrated with outstanding graphics.”

Soleri was a genius before his time. A scholar and a revolutionary architect that fused ecology and architecture into sustainable structures. This is a book of his otherworldly sketches. I have this sitting out in my house just so I can stare at it occasionally and ponder the future. 

Storm Front

(The Dresden Files #1)

by Jim Butcher

I am a Dresden nut. Storm Front was my introduction to Urban Fantasy, and I have never been the same since. It has been quite the wild ride. This is a good gift for the intrepid reader. Odds are they will get hooked and they will be thanking you for introducing them to this series. 

The Arrival

by Shaun Tan

This is a beautiful book and I am a great believer that beautiful things are good for the soul. This is the immigrant story of so many and it can be understood by all. 


  1. Jess @ Combing Through the Pages

    I’ve never read any of the Dresden books. I’ve had this one in my hands before, but never read it. The Adventures of Princess and Mr. Whiffle looks interesting, as does The Black Book of Colors. I may have to add all 3 to my TBR and finally find out what the Dresdent series is really all about!

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