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The Origin of Birds in the Footprints of Writing by Raymond St. Elmo – Review by Ryan Howse

“What people call ‘Artificial Intelligence’ are two very different things. There is artificial reasoning, which is the
manipulation of concepts according to math-like rules. And then there is artificial personality, the act of making
a machine seem like a person. There are no rules for ‘personality’ except whatever trick works. Our artificial man
must do both; hence, Odradek-Dupin. One half of him thinks about the concepts of things, the other half chats
confidently about what he thinks.”

Ultimate Blog Tour – Catalyst by Tracy Richardson

Review Book Reviews Power of the Mind and Friendship  3/5 Catalyst by Tracy Richardson Purchase Here The drumming changes to a slow, resonant tempo, and I feel my vibration slow as I focus on connecting with the earth. The feeling of connectedness and of being beyond space and time are still with me as I leave the Fifth Dimension, …

#BookishArt Women Reading in Art

If you love art and books as much as I do, you will love a mashup of my two favorite things. Let me know what you think. Alberto Rafols Cullerés (Espanha, 1892-1986) Kenton Nelson, Beyond Evangeline Cecile deitada Jean-Pierre Gibrat ( França, 1954) Gravura, 70 x 50cm Illustrations By Jean Pierre Gibrat Arie Azene Darren Thompson Window Seat by Darren …