Squee’s Wonderful Big Giant Book of Unspeakable Horrors (Squee!) by Jhonen Vásquez

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My God! My brain my brain. My poor abused brain. I feel like I should have a few hours of cat pictures after reading this book. I don’t think this is my brand of humor which I normally go for. Mine is more along the line of, “Blacks Books,”  This is more Ren and Stimpy? I am having a problem finding something to compare this book too. Very dark satire. It also might be that I need to be in a proper frame of mind to read this, and I wasn’t. It was terrible and abusive and I kept thinking, “that poor kid needs a hug that is not going to turn into molestation or aliens sticking something up his butt.” I feel like such a mom. le sigh.

It is horrific, but not in a horror movie sort of way. More like, “I can’t believe I am reading this. That poor kid. No wonder he neurotic. I would be neurotic too if I had aliens chasing me to do anal probes and giant dust mites waking me up in my sleep.” All the while nightmares

The creature known by many names. Son of Satan or El Diablo. Pepito.  

that do unspeakable things to my brain. Seriously the dust mites are nightmare fuel. We are just skin husks that provide them with food. Without them, we would be swimming in our own dead skin cells. It is really funny if you can get past the horrible abusive parents and all the terrible shit that he has to go through. Before I get hate mail, I get it. I get it. It is satire and very dark humor. I can absolutely appreciate something for what it is; and that it is a stellar example of that type of graphic novel while at the same time not wanting to come near this again with a ten-foot pole.


For me the highlight of this book was Pepito. I could get a print of the strip of Pepito being introduced to his class and melting the other kids in the class with his mind when they were jerks. Kinda cathartic I think. I too have wanted to melt classmates in middle school and elementary.

“Stand back amigo, this is a job for the ANTICHRIST!”

to Squee before bringing doom upon his bullying classmates

This does bring up Johnny The Homicidal Maniac that is, as far as I can see, the same brand of humor. Still, it looks really funny. I might give it a go, just because of quotes like this.


  • Johnny “Is this milk still good?!!”
  • The victim “Huh?! *sip* Uh…yeah.”
  • The victim “It’s Fine!”
  • The Victim “umm..”
  • Johnny “EAT THE FUCKIN’ WEENIE!!!”
  • The Victim “mmph… It tastes okay.”
  • Johnny “Whew! Thanks. I haven’t cleaned my fridge out in awhile, and well… You know.



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