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Review and Cut by Krystle Matar


Ever since Tamara became a vampire, things have gone downhill. Her grandma runs off with her daughter’s soul and then her husband thinks she’s gone crazy. The only thing certain right now is that she has to save her daughter, no matter what the cost. Caught in the middle of a war between vampires, sorceresses and warlocks, she discovers an alternative history to the world she thought she knew.

Meanwhile, strange jiangshi corpse zombies and other supernatural creatures start attacking civilians across the globe. Magic, which had been subdued after water contamination tactics in a past war, appears to be making a comeback; threatening the modern civilization which the vampires have built throughout the ages. The timeless battle between good & evil seems to be beginning once again.

On top of worrying about a failing marriage, comatose child and selfish grandmother; Tamara starts hearing sinister voices in her head. Does she have any hope of saving her family? Or will she live the rest of her long unnatural life filled with regrets?

This multicultural fantasy adventure is a bittersweet tale about dealing with devastating choices, filial responsibilities, betrayal, redemption and finding the strength to carry on when it seems like there is no future.


Krystle’s review:

The Undead Sorceress promises a multicultural horror fantasy about vampires and magic, and in that it definitely delivers! I did enjoy the worldbuilding. However, the dialogue that often served to infodump felt stilted, and uneven prose made action sequences difficult for me to track. While infodumping isn’t always a crime in fantasy, I felt the sheer amount of it in the first chapters actually stood in the way of my immersion, and ultimately this book has been cut from SPFBO9.

If vampires and magic sounds like your cup of tea, please check out Goodreads, or hop on over to Amazon to grab a copy! Please be advised of a trigger warning for extreme violence against a pregnant woman in the prologue. (I understand the novel ventures into the waters of horror and so this wasn’t used as a consideration for the cut; however I feel readers should know what they are getting into given the violent nature of the events.)

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