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A TREE’S HEART by Angelika Rust

Review and Cut by Rebecca Hill and John Mauro


The rebellion is not over
until its purpose is fulfilled.

At the age of six, Ash becomes a Tree – one of the Joined Realm’s elite soldiers. Robbed of his name, his family, and any memories of the time before he took his oath, his loyalty belongs solely to the Realm and its citizens.

At eighteen, he’s forced to fight in a civil war, against the very people he has sworn to protect, without ever knowing why. The rebels retreat, but they don’t surrender. Their purpose remains a mystery.

At twenty-two, Ash is chosen to serve as the Prince’s Man, guard and guardian of the King’s firstborn son and heir.

The rebels return the next day, and Ash faces a host of challenges – protect his Prince or die trying, uncover the truth, and keep or lose his heart.


Rebecca’s review:

This was an interesting read overall. The young Ash, becomes a Tree, one of the elite. As time progresses, he rolls through different areas, and is even chosen to serve as a guard to the Prince, which is a high honor. But as Civil War breaks out, he is torn between trying to protect his prince, or figure out what is going on with the traitors, the ones who refuse to share why they are rebelling in the first place.

Good read! This has a lot of great elements to it, and is one that will hold your attention throughout the book.

If you are looking for a great fantasy with some magical elements and even some swordplay, then you will love this book!

John’s review: 

“Ash slowly spun on his heels, pretending to scrutinize their surroundings. They were standing high up on the Border embankment. In front of them, on the side they were supposed to watch, grassland extended as far as the eye could see. Any danger could easily be spotted from half a day away. Behind them was nothing but woods, woods, and more woods.”

Woods, woods, and more woods. A Tree’s Heart is the epic arboreal fantasy by Angelika Rust set in the Joined Realm, which is defended by elite soldiers known as Trees. Their newest recruit is an unnamed six-year-old boy with no known family or memories. Adopting the name Ash, the newest sapling is determined to establish roots among his new community.

We follow Ash as he grows up through civil war and later becomes personal guardian of the Prince and heir to the throne. Loyalties are tested in the face of internal rebellion, and Ash must make difficult decisions as he gets to the root of the problem.

The plot branches along multiple timelines, providing backstory for the main conflict of the novel, which includes plenty of mystery and intrigue, as well as a lot of heart.

The author is fully committed to the tree theme, with character names including Ash, Maple, Durian, Aspen, Spruce, Oak, Lord Cypress, Lord Cedar, Corporal Birch, and Captain Fir. It felt a bit overboard to me as I leafed through the pages. Although the story was engaging, the writing seemed a bit wooden and not as engaging as I had hoped.

Although this is a cut for SPFBO9, you don’t have to be an ent to enjoy the woodsy wonders of A Tree’s Heart. If you think this book is for you, be sure to check it out at the link below.

If this book sounds like your cup of tea, check out the Goodreads, or better yet, hop right over to Amazon to grab your copy!

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