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“Evan Grove has developed a complex world, and one that will be enjoyed by many for ages to come.”


by Evan L. Grove



by Evan L. Grove

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What is it about?

Emily Lee wants nothing more than to live her life in peace, safe in the comfort of home with her father. But when he falls prey to dark magic, trapping him and countless others in a foreign land, she is forced to take action. Compelled only by the desire to save him, Emily travels to the northern nation of Odelia in search of a means to free her father from his terrible curse.

Lehksi Olent works as a private investigator, helping those uncover the truth that is often shrouded by a world of magic and mystery. Together with her brother, Marty, she now travels the Odelian countryside in pursuit of the growing unrest taking place within the heart of a country torn asunder by unseen forces.

When their paths converge, Emily and Lehksi’s lives will be forever changed. Two paths, one future. Be it for the good of all, or for a singular desire, the fate of Odelia lies within their choices. And should they prove lacking, the world of Oul might never be the same.

To the North is the first novel in The Awakener Duology, an adult urban fantasy that explores what it means to discover the dark truths of an unforgiving land. It takes place in an alternate reality set in a pre-digital world, one that is governed by magic and corporate influence. Two young women must navigate numerous challenges in order to protect what is important to them, but in doing so they will make discoveries that may drive a wedge between them

Becca’s Review

I can promise that this is one book that is not going to leave you bored – once you get past the first little bit. This book has a bit of a slow start, but once you get past all the setup and layout, then it picks up and keeps you engaged throughout.

The first part took me about a week to work through, but the last pieces took hours. The characters work well and compliment each other, and the storyline, while fantasy, is not so drawn out that you can’t watch it play out in your head.

This was one of those books that is very enjoyable, very little lag, and a storyline that keeps you engaged throughout.

When it came to scoring this book, it was hard to put it down on paper. I truly enjoyed reading the majority of this book, but it was one of those that I didn’t feel would stand up to some of the giants that are in the running. I do think that this is one book that should be read – and enjoyed! I look forward to seeing the second installment, and how this world moves forward.

The author, Evan Grove has developed a complex world, and one that will be enjoyed by many for ages to come.


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