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Bond of Thread is a steamy fae romance with fast-paced action and fun world-building

I snapped this book up when our group got its allotment: fantasy romance featuring fae and soul-bonding? Sign me up!

The story is fast-paced, and the enemies-to-lovers plotline is telegraphed right from the beginning, but with an interesting twist: they are soul-bonded to each other instantly, but they hate everything the other represents. Ilyas and Skye both reject the roles the world cast them into, but Fate has other plans.

This book offers an enjoyable take on some classic tropes, with excellent pacing and fun world-building. I enjoyed the diversity of fae, especially the lesser fae like the skitterlings and mosskins, who are small and quite adorable. I did wish for a bit more nuance in the world-building; it’s a high-fantasy story that doesn’t spend much time with the minutiae. Some readers will love that about it, especially those who want to tear through the fantasy plot to get at the kissy scenes, which are quite well done, but the fantasy plot didn’t grip me. The action revolves around an attack by hordes of ferals (twisted, fallen fae), who attack a village and then the cave where the lovers and remaining villagers retreat. I wasn’t invested in the struggle against the ferals, which takes up a considerable portion of the plot.

The strength of this book is the romance, which is well-developed and fun, and the writer knows how to write a steamy scene. Is it a good sign when you find yourself skimming the fantasy plot to get to the smooches? For some, the answer will inevitably be YES. Forced proximity? Only One Bed? Never Been Kissed? This book has it all, and the, erm, coming together of the hero and heroine is a delight.

Read this book if you want a steamy fae romance with a lot of action and fun world-building. This book is going to be right up some fantasy romance readers’ alley, and I urge you to give it a whirl if anything here piques your interest!

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