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Graphic Novel Review

Fox is Still My Favorite Character


Middlewest – Volume 2

by Skottie Young and Jorge Corona

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“We want the reader to just buy into that without us using fantasy terminology,” he explained, with Corona adding that “we mostly wanted it to feel natural, almost like tales and legends that you would hear based on real events, always giving it that distinctive feel of the world we were creating.”―


Paperback, 160 pagesPublished November 19th 2019 by Image ComicsEdition LanguageEnglishSeriesMiddlewest #7-12

Images From the Graphic Novel

Story Synopsis

Abel’s journey to deal with his family legacy continues as a newfound sense of stability slips through his fingers. Writer SKOTTIE YOUNG (I HATE FAIRYLAND, DEADPOOL) and artist JORGE CORONA (NO. 1 WITH A BULLET, FEATHERS) take Abel to some places both familiar and inevitable, others wild and new. The journey across Middlewest has shown these travelers that their homeland has more hidden away than they could have ever thought.

My Thoughts

Author Skottie Young and Jorge Corona explore anger and chaos set within a complicated and beautiful fantasy world in the second volume of the Middlewest series. It is has everything a coming of age tale needs. It includes a young and confused protagonist escaping a dark past and a possibly darker future. A beautiful and sometimes dangerous landscape full of colorful characters and a talking and snarky fox that, that at times is the best character in the story.

Abel, the young protagonist of the story, has escaped his father in the first edition of Middlewest Vol. 1. His father often is fueled by a wave of anger so intense that he transforms into a monster comprised of swirling anger. Chaos and violence are powerful forces in the world. They swirl around us, flow through us, and occasionally someone can become so angry that they lose all ability to see past it. In Middlewest, this is both a statement of truth and an actual reality of Abel’s father and as we come to find out – Abel himself.

Abel finds he is cursed with the same abilities as his father to disastrous results and finds himself on the road again amid a sea of wreckage with Fox, his faithful friend.

Young and Corona speak volumes on the dynamics of father-son relationships, the nature of family, and on the painful journey of discovery that sometimes people need to undertake to find themselves. The worldbuilding is more intense, the dialog is stronger, and Abel’s needs that can drive a young character like him towards the truth or tear himself apart, looking for answers are more substantial. It is heartbreaking at points and immensely poignant at others. Childhood can be rough, and sometimes one must walk through proverbial fire to find answers.

We are learning that Abel might have to do just that to find the peace he needs and quiet his inner storm.

Volume 2 is solidly better than Volume 1, which is saying something. It just keeps getting better and better.

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About the Author

Skottie Young has been an illustrator and cartoonist for over ten years working for entertainment and publishing companies such Marvel, Warner Bros., Image, Upper Deck, Mattel, and many more.

He is currently illustrating the New York Times Best Selling and Eisner Award Nominated adaptions of L. Frank Baum’s OZ novels with writer Eric Shanower. The series has gained acclaim from both fans and critics.

Skottie currently lives in Illinois with his family, Casey, Baxter and their Saint Bernard, Emma.

Jorge Corona is a Venezuelan sequential artist and the winner of the 2015 Russ Manning Award. A writer and illustrator, his works include We are… Robin, Nightwing, and The Flash for DC Comics; Big Trouble in Little China: Old Man Jack, Adventure Time Comics, Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Dragons, and others for BOOM!
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