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"There are some things that cannot be taken from you."

cloths song

The humans have conquered the Maer capital, and they show no signs of leaving. Cloti and her spouses cling to each other in the hollow shell of their occupied city. Each day is a bitter gift; they may not be free, but they have each other.

When the city’s human Administrator offers to let Cloti restart her meditation practice in the temple, she jumps at the chance to spread a little hope in such dark days. Half the city followed her teachings before the occupation; maybe she can use her practice to unite them once again. She’s intrigued by the Administrator’s apparent sympathy toward her cause, and by his soft, submissive eyes. But could she ever really trust a human?

Rebellion brews among the Maer, and in Cloti’s heart. She knows what she wants, and what she must do. She has foreseen how this will end: in flames.

But visions never tell the whole story.

Cloti’s Song is a steamy F/F/M +M fantasy romance featuring a married throuple in their fifties who consider taking on a fourth. It’s set in the Time Before, a sequel of sorts to Wings so Soft, but can be read as a standalone. It is intended for an adult audience and contains explicit, consensual sex scenes and wartime violence.

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