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WINGS SO SOFT by Dani Finn

Can love bloom in war’s darkest hour?


We’re here to show off the gorgeous new cover of Dani Finn’s fantasy romance Wings so Soft, designed by Virginia McClain. We asked Dani to tell us a little bit about why they had the book re-covered and what they wanted the new cover to convey.


Dani: First of all, I adore the cover Luke Tarzian made for the book. It’s gorgeous, ethereal, and perfectly owly, exactly what I asked for. But I was new to the genre when I commissioned the cover, and I’ve learned a lot about the market since then. In the end, I don’t think it said romantasy clearly enough, which is what the book is all about. I wanted the new cover to say, “You’re going on a journey of fantasy adventure, and while there may be peril, and certainly owls, there will also be kisses! And there will be a HEA for the main couple.” I also wanted to highlight the magical tech a little more (the book features a mechanical owl and the artificer who makes them).

I reached out to Virginia McClain, whose designs have always impressed me and who has a keen eye for cover trends. Virginia helped me find the right tone for the market and produced a beautiful cover in the process. In the end, the book will appear next to other fantasy romance books on Amazon, and it needs to look the part. Mission accomplished, I’d say.

And while I’m here, let me just add that if you like stories about super-soft men falling for curvy, strong women, you’re going to love Uffrin and Mara. Though the book has its share of fantasy and action plot and takes place during a losing war, the cozy sizzle of the romance is there to pull you through. And if you don’t love Friend, the mechanical owl, I’ll give you your money back. 

Thank you, Dani! The blurb of the book is below, to whet the readers’ appetite before they see the new cover (no scrolling to peek—that would be cheating!)

Can love bloom in war’s darkest hour?

Mara and her owl work surveillance to keep Kuppham safe, but the news on the Stream is grim. The humans are coming, and she and her owl will soon be in the line of fire. Her once-vibrant city is a ghost town, with little to distract her as she waits for the skin-covered hordes to overrun the Maer capital.

Until one day, this timid little artificer wanders into the aerie, asking to watch her owl land over and over.

Uffrin makes owls powered by clockwork and magic to guard the great automatons on the northern front. He visits the aerie to study the owls’ flight mechanics, but it’s the owl handler who captures his attention. So gentle, so in control, with quick eyes that seem to stay with his all the time.

Amid the looming clouds of war, hearts intertwine and feathers fly, but duty soon flings these two lovebirds apart. If the war goes as badly as everyone seems to fear, how will they ever find each other again?

Love might be the only thing that saves them.

Fly away from your troubles with this standalone fantasy romance, part of the Time Before trio. It’s steamy, with over 150 kisses, and includes a picnic in the park, a date in a basement speakeasy, and a secret mountain lake far from the ravages of war.

Content warning: This book is intended for adult readers only. It includes depictions of wartime violence, drinking, drug use, and explicit, consensual sex scenes.

Okay, I think we’ve waited long enough. It’s time to reveal the gorgeous new cover of Wings so Soft, made by the ever so talented Virginia McClain!


I KNOW, RIGHT?!? Isn’t is gorgeous?? I love the colours, I love the owl, I love the gears. The little heart locket????? Chef’s kiss, baby. 

If that inspires you to add the book to your TBR, the Goodreads page is here.

And rumor has it another cover reveal is coming soon for the next book, Cloti’s Song, a fantasy romance about a married throuple in their fifties who consider taking on a fourth! 👀 Pop that on your Goodreads page here.

If you simply can’t wait to buy Wings so Soft and read it right away, you can buy the book here.

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Thanks for reading!

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