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Netflix Book Tag #blogmas Day 12

By December 12, 2018January 28th, 20232 Comments

I came across this tag on Book Loving Nut and I thought what a cute idea. I want to do that! So here I am sharing the love with all you wonderful people! 

Recently Watched: The book you most recently read-

I have oddly read a few poetry books lately. This one was pretty great. It is poetry to your heartbeat in a forest running through the land, if that makes an sense.

Top Picks: A book recommended to you based on another book you’ve read-

Recently Added: The book you most recently bought-

I am pretty excited to read this. It looks rather awesome!

Popular on Netflix: One book that you have and one book that you haven’t read that everyone has been talking about-

No hate mail. I haven’t read this yet, but I will. 

Comedies: A funny book-

Still makes me laugh thinking about it. Fuck Sticks! 

Dramas: A character that is a total drama king or queen

The main characters are at a very dramatic age. 

Cartoons: a book with cartoons on the cover-

The cartoons are a lie. This book is not for kids. 

Watch again: a book or series you want to read again-

Always good for a reread of this series. 

Documentaries: a non-fiction book that you would recommend to everyone-

Really interesting reads on urban plants and the graphics are beautiful. 

Action & Adventure: an action packed book-

You absolutely cannot beat Dresden Files. 

New releases: A new release or soon-to-be-released book that you’re excited about-

I have applied to read this through Netgalley and I am sooo hopeful. It looks incredible. 

Here is the fun part. Picking lovely people to continue. No pressure if you don’t want to 🙂

Noura  @  The perks of being Noura

Lucy @ A Novel Purpose

Meagan @ Quibbles and Scribbles

Dave @

These are just some lovely blogs that I follow and you should too. Wonderful writing!  Anyone can do this tag though, so write it all up. Have a lovely day! 


  • bingingonabudget says:

    Thanks for sharing, great list. Which of these would you recommend reading first?

    • Beth Tabler says:

      I’m a huge fan of Mira grant. Aka Seanan McGuire. I have not come across a book of hers I did not like. The newsflesh series is fantastic if you don’t mind zombies. She does the story extremely well. 😀

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