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In this video I provide a spoiler free book review of Daughter of the Beast by E.C. Greaves. Daughter of the Beast is an epic fantasy inspired by Slavic fairy tales and has no humans at all. The story is instead populated by creatures of myth and fairy tales. Kimori are small and are described as the Faye. Vulkari are 7’ tall wolf women who walk on two legs. Hobgoblins, are the true military might of the land and rule the two empires we will encounter in the story. Gnomes are small and magical, and kobolds who like most tales are small and shifty forest dwellers. Our Main Character and only Point of View character is Zyntael who is a Kimori.

Zyntael is living an idyllic life when the vicious Vulkari lead a violent raid on her village and abduct her. She is at first terrorized and subjected to psychological torture before she is brought before Karthak, the leader of the Vulkar raiders. Zyntael is told that she is somehow the key to the survival of the Vulkari people and all who live in the Ancient Wilds who are currently at risk of being crushed between two hobgoblin empires. The Vulkari are raiders who survive in the wilds that both empires are attempting to tame and civilize and who are playing with ancient magics that could put everyone at risk.

Karthak will claim Zyntael as her own and she will raise Zyntael with the other Vulkari young. As Zyntael grows into adulthood she will truly become one of the pack and will come to enjoy the raiding and violence. Once Zyntael comes of age she will begin the search for the truth of the reason that Karthak captured her. It is a truth that must be earned from the very Spirits of the dead; a future paid for in the blood of those Zyntael once called her own and the answers may save not only the Vulkari, but all of those in the Ancient Wilds.

Note: Daughter of the Beast is a SPFBO 9 Finalist but this review by The Nerd Book Review is not a part of the Before We Go team’s ratings.

Cameron Scaggs

Purveyor of the Nerd Book Review YouTube Channel. Lover of Indie Fantasy.


  • E.L. Montague says:

    I really liked Daughter of the Beast, too. It was a great diversion.

    • Cameron Scaggs says:

      I think the part that really clinched it for me was the absence of humans. It really takes away some of the unintentional bias that is bound to exist whenever multiple races are fighting each other.

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