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Music That Speaks to Me

Sometimes a song, is more than a song. Check Out Unmask Myself from the album You Can Call Me Love

unmask myself by Fish and Scale

About the Artist

Fish And Scale aka Roland Wälzlein is a unique German artist who has a growing and dedicated fan base. He is attracting attention all over the world.

“My favorite independent folk artist.” Journalist and Emmy Award winner Michele Gillen, USA

“Rare and unique artist.” Wyatt Easterling, former A&R Manager Atlantik Records and award winning songwriter, USA

“I truly believe that music is the voice of nature. Fish And Scale is at the very epicentre of that voice.” Chas Burns, Actor, Writer, England

Fish And Scale provides the movie sound track for “Key Lime Voodoo” (Amazon Prime). The music clip for the song “Dream” by Fish And Scale, created by the Spanish artist Laura Huerta, was a finalist at the Buenos Aires Music Festival.

Musical authenticity that opens the heart is what distinguishes the artist Fish And Scale. His artistically arranged songs pay homage to life and reflect its deeper meaning. Sometimes powerful and passionate, sometimes subtle and soulful. And always a bit different, surprising and extraordinary.

What is the story behind this exceptional music?
Growing up in Franconia (a south part of Germany), as a six-year-old child Roland survived a serious heart operation. This life and death experience stayed with him all his life. Existential questions are reflected throughout his lyrics. A turning point was his first stay in a “silent retreat”, which completely changed his understanding of life.

Ultimately, Roland sums up these experiences in his latest studio album “You can Call Me LOVE”, which will be available on all streaming portals in mid-2021.
“LOVE means our pure, undisguised essence,” he reveals on the album. “When we are naked and pure, free from all collective narratives, from all our expectations of how life should be and all concepts in our mind, a deeper meaning shows up that we can call LOVE. The more we dive into this dimension, the more we feel happiness, love and the joy of simplicity. We realize that we are life itself.”

In this sense, “You Can Call Me LOVE” becomes the motto of Fish And Scale’s artistic expression.

“People who hear his music are touched.” American film director Lana Read

“Unmask Myself” is the second single release from the album ” You Can Call Me LOVE”. The release date is April 2nd, 2021.

The song describes the inner liberation from self-imposed and socially imposed role specifications that often mask our true personality core beyond recognition.
The key to happiness lies in the decision for true authenticity. Only when all masks and false identities are allowed to fall, real intimacy and interpersonal closeness becomes possible and a deeply fulfilling letting go happens. This is what the song is about.

Since the release of the first single, which is called “You Can Call Me LOVE” like the album, interviews and reviews have been published in several German and international music magazines.

A worldwide promotion of the “You Can Call Me LOVE” tour is currently underway and has met with a great response. The tour can be understood as a process of consciousness-raising that takes place inside each listener. The aim is to strengthen one’s own heart intelligence and to come closer to oneself again.

In 2019, Fish And Scale was already very successful with the “Songs from the Inner Child” from his last EP on the “Inner Child” tour through Germany and the Benelux countries.

Roland describes his music as Independent Folk Music with a mystical touch. It differs from conventional “folk music” in many aspects. Be it the intense voice, some say you can discover a Mick Jagger coloring, as well as the often unusual song structure, which wonderfully underlines the created mood of depth and authenticity. As you immerse yourself in the songs of Fish And Scale a deeper dimension of music comes into play, which roots in the mystical secret of life.

With his outstanding musical potential, his open-hearted, amiable way of inspiring people and a lot of contagious soulfulness Fish And Scale is now well on the way to making it big internationally.

Fish And Scale – A unique German storyteller

Lyrics for unmask myself

I looked at you and I felt so calm

Such a delightful nurturing for my soul
Your heart is wild, I run with you
I don’t need to suppress your precious one To set mine free
And I sit here in silence and I spoke to you
In a thousand, thousand ways
And I travelled with you to an unknown place To an unknown land, to an unknown life
It was a kind of coming home
A kind of clarity
A peace behind my fears
And I unpacked my bags

Something opens inside of me Something surrenders
I am not afraid
And I dive naked into you

I unmask myself, I’m naked in disguise
It’s safe for me to feel, it’s safe to gain insight Get out of that spell, get rid of the veil
I unleash myself

You hold me, and I hold you
I felt your heart, and you felt mine
There is no distance between you and me There is no way to walk

Such a quiet stillness around and the whole world unfolds
I stand barefoot on the ground, a green line of trees in front of me And I spread my arms
My whole body is shaking, my whole body is shivering
I let myself, I let myself go
And the world stands still at that moment as I bless myself
I bless the trees, I bless the world, the whole universe
“Dare it!” says someone, take the next step, don’t hesitate
And I jump, I jump, I drown into you

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