#MusicMonday Sixteen Saltines by Jack White

Hold my book while I do a badass saunter away. For some reason most of the music I choose is in to aide me feeling like a badass as much as possible. Enter pretty much any of Jack White’s music whether it was as a member of The White Stripes as a solo act, his music is gritty and guitar heavy with a little southern swagger. Dig it.

As always, a nod to Drew at Sarcastic Book Geek for the #MusicMonday idea.


  1. Madam Mim

    Also, I’ve always thought, Jack White is not too bad to look at… That helps my Monday motivation! That and free breakfast Mondays at work… Those get me out of bed…

      1. Madam Mim

        There is something about a man and a guitar… oh free breakfast, only reason to get up on a Monday!

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