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diva dance

This is an iconic song. As much as “Anyone else want to negotiate?” Or, “Multi-pass.” Which I still say in exactly Leelu’s tone of voice when it comes up. It is sad because only people about my age or older get the joke, which is hilarious because I am damn funny even if it is the 200th time I have said it during my mawage (oops switching movies), and people under my age don’t seem to be watching this iconic movie. This is a shame because it is space opera at its finest.

The original singer

The woman singing it in the movie.

The Diva Dance in Italian

  • Il dolce suono mi colpì di sua voce!
  • Ah, quella voce
  • M’è qui nel cor discesa!
  • Edgardo! Io ti son resa.
  • Edgardo!Ah! Edgardo, mio!
  • Si, ti son resa fuggita io son da’ tuoi nemici.
  • Ah nemici!
  • Un gelo mi serpeggia nel sen!
  • Trema ogni fibra!
  • Vacilla il piè!
  • Presso la fonte meco t’assidi alquanto.
  • Si, presso la fonte meco t’assidi.

The Diva Dance in English

  • The sweet sound of his voice has caught me!
  • Oh that voice
  • is down here in my heart!
  • Edgardo! I am yours.
  • Edgardo!Oh my Edgardo!
  • Yes, I am yours, I ran away from your enemies.
  • Oh enemies!
  • A froze is whirling in my breast!
  • Every fibre is trembling!
  • my feet are shaking!
  • I will stick to the source a while
  • Yes, close to the source I’ll be for a while.



  • deoverttun says:

    Hey Beth,

    This is Natasha’s favorite movie. She also likes the phrase “Leeloo Dallas mooltipass”. I am more of a Ruby Rhod “Bzzz!” complete with the hand motions or “Hot! Hot! HOT!”

    Either way, outstanding Music Monday!

    I never knew the Diva was singing in Italian until you showed the words. Never paid much attention and assumed it was some made-up alien language. Che bella!

    Best regards,



    • Beth Tabler says:

      I have a deep, deep love of this movie! My quote is “Big badaboom!” I pretty much use that whenever I can. I didn’t know it was Italian till I did a dive looking for the actual lyrics. It makes sense though, the writers probably borrowed from existing operatic styles or something to craft the song

  • Leon Stevens says:

    On a vacation in Mexico many years ago, the entertainment troupe at the resort put on an evening show of The Fifth Element. Myself and another guest I had met were the only ones in our group that had seen the movie. As you might expect, the performance was weird and by no fault of the troupe, not very good. We thought it was hilarious, the others didn’t get it and left.

    I still think it is a pretty good movie and will always watch it when it is aired.

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