Merry Something and Blogmas Wrap up!

Have a wonderful day and just remember “Nothing’s as mean as giving a little child something useful for Christmas.”

Today is a lite post as I am hopefully eating bucket loads of Chinese food and an opening of presents with my family. All you lovely readers out there the happiest of days. Whatever you celebrate or don’t celebrate, may your day be full of beautiful moments. May you have extra time on your parking meter, find money in the road, and a particular person telling you how awesome you are. May the weather be kind, the chocolate and wine plentiful, and the laughs from friends abundant. And, most important of all I think, may your current book you are reading kick all the ass in the world.

#Blogmas is done and I killed it. I am happy with myself and it has opened up my writing like nothing has before. I look forward to sharing with you great literary moments this year. Cheers.

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