March Round Up

Finally, we seem to be out of the doldrums of the rain/snow and transitioning to the blooming of flowers and trees—allergies for most of the world. But, there is a certain sense of renewal that always comes with Spring. With vaccines happening also, I hope that we are on the downslide of the awfulness of 2020 and really moving into better and less stressful times.

March was an exciting month for the site. We focused on “Getting to Know Your New Favorite Author.” Each day we posted two or three reviews from an author’s repertoire and made connections for new readers. I myself found a new love in the Paternus series by Dyrk Ashton. I devoured all three books, and it is going on my favorite books of all-time list. It is so exciting when that happens!

This next month Before We Go, is going to be celebrating women in SFF. All women from all over the world telling their SFF stories. Each day we will focus an article, list, or review on a female writer. Hopefully, this will introduce readers to new books, and maybe…just maybe; you will find that perfect story that you will spend the rest of your life loving. I know I have found a few of those in this wonderful book community.

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