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BACON! The other food group.

By February 15, 2016One Comment

Man was I jonesing for sugar this morning. I mean we are talking pancakes dipped in butter and maple syrup, a large iced vanilla coffee, and probably some sort of donut to finish off the experience. This is my relationship with pastries or donuts.


courtesy of my news feed on facebook

Right.. This daily feeling lead me to my current and ever present condition of having a Buddha belly and ass that kinda likes to hang out on both sides instead of just going backwards. It really isn’t a good look. I have been pretty heavy for years, which doesn’t necessarily mean that I was horribly out of shape all those years. I did crossfit for two years and became a pretty serious power lifter (350 deadlift.. anyone), but I am really not happy with the current state of things.

One of my goals I set myself for this year was to get off what I like to call the sugar train. I need to become a good example for my daughter and finally be able to get into kayaking. Right now I would sink the boat. So I ate paleo/keto for one month. I lost 8 pounds. I am going to continue eating Paleo/Keto for the foreseeable future, I like the way it makes me feel and I love how I feel like I am taking control of something in regards to my health.

I tried some excellent recipes that I found were very helpful in getting over the hump that happens in the first few weeks where your body is craving sugar and/or you have some bad habits that you need to kill.

    1. Cherry Almond Upside Down Muffins, which I fed to my family and they didn’t get all weird that it was paleo.
    2. Creamsicle Jello, which I ate with a spoon like it was my last meal on earth.
    3. Easy Guacamole, Which I ate on pork rinds.


I know that these are not strictly paleo, there is mayo in the guacamole, and dairy in the jello. But my intentions where to ease into this lifestyle. If you have any great ideas on menus or recipes I would love to hear them.




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