I run a posts about an independent author or a non-traditional publisher and what they have going on. I call it #indiespotlight. Here are the requirements:

1. Quick essay/blurb about your work. I am modeling this a bit like John Scalzi’s biweekly post, but for indie authors. The link Talk about the idea for your work. What motivates you as an author/publisher. No word limit.

2. Links to your work via Goodreads, Amazon, etc. This can be past, present or future work.

3. Link to an online excerpt of your work if applicable.

4. Links to your social media.

5. Any marketing materials for your work you would like to share. i.e., pictures of the book, trailers, etc.

To solidify your spot for the #Indiespotlight, I would prefer having the information upfront. That way I have a chance to format and get the timing all lined up. 

Is this something you would be interested in? I can give you a spot if so. Email me at beforewegoblog@gmail.com Let’s talk!