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RF Holland “So half the time even I am surprised what my characters do.”

Can You Tell Me a Bit About Your Writing?

Interview With the Author

• What are your pet peeves or interesting things about you that you dislike?

(Answer) I’ll have to admit about liking symmetry, even when arranging flowers in a couple of vases, used to drive my mum nuts when visiting the cemetery.

Name one of your favourite things about someone in your family? 

(Answer)  I’d have to say my children, they say the funniest and most honest things.  We have discussions in the car ranging from the silly (knock-knock jokes), they always mess up the punch line, (no idea where they get that from).  To the meaning of life and the misuse of our resources.  I love that they have such a keen interest, with a unique view on the world around them.

If you were to create a slogan for your life, what would it be?

(Answer) Don’t sweat the little things, the dust will still be there tomorrow.

If you could visit any place in the world, where would you choose to go and why?

(Answer)  New Orleans, I will get there one day, Madi Gras and Jazz.  Also, I’ve read an awful lot of really good paranormal books set there due to its rich history and the links to the paranormal and unexplained.  The Bayou, mixed culture above ground cemetery.

Which body part would you choose to get a tattoo done?

(Answer) I’d have to say base of back and stomach as I already have tattoos in those areas.  Next on the list is my foot and inner wrist 😉

What’s the one thing, you can’t live without?

(Answer) Well there are 2 things actually my children and books.

What’s your motto in life?

(Answer) Do no harm (I love that wiccan saying) but also I’m not averse to getting even lol

Sitting alone in a big field, looking at stars, what do you think/feel?

(Answer) How truly blessed we are to be a part of something so awe inspiring, and of course, what else is out there in that awesome vast space.

If you had the opportunity to live one year of your life over again, which year would you choose?

(Answer) The last year of my dad’s life.  I’d spend every spare moment I could with him, making memories to treasure, I’d also take a lot more photos.

Tell us something nobody knows about you?

(Answer) I hate the dark (indoors) but outdoors I love to sit in the dark and watch the sky.

Listener or talker?

(Answer) I can do both, but I’ve been told I’m a good listener.

What are you afraid of?

(Answer). Disappearing, that may sound weird, and I know we all die which in itself kind of sucks.  But I fear being forgotten more than death.

Where do you live?

(Answer) I live in a small town on the border of Cheshire and Manchester in the UK.  It’s the town I was born and raised in and I also live in a house I use to play in when younger as an old school friend lived here then.

Do you do dance crazy when no one is looking?

(Answer) Oh god yes, it’s the law lol

What’s your favourite love story? (movie or book)

(Answer) As weird as it sounds, I’d have to say beauty and the beast, the idea of falling for the person not the ideal…  a true connection not based on the superficial but on the personality and ideals.

What is the best thing you have done in your life?

(Answer) Having my children, hands down beats any other achievement I have or will make.  They are my reason to breath and get up in the morning.

Have you ever had the feeling you were being watched?

(Answer) Yes, who hasn’t?

Favourite place to eat?

(Answer) I don’t have a favourite place, I don’t go out often so when I do, I look for a good Italian restaurant.

Name one funny trait your have, that you would like others to know?

(Answer) I count steps as I climb them, I’ve also passed this on to my children as that’s how I taught them to count.  The trait now drives them nuts.

What does your room look like?

(Answer) Truthfully, it’s chaos, but my whole life is spent that way.  I like soothing earth tones but there is always noise and mess living with so many people.  So I’d say my room is life, as life has moments of peace, great joy, heartache and chaos.

What is your favourite quote?

(Answer)  The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step (Lao Tzu)

What is the craziest thing you’ve done?

(Answer) Releasing books and leaving myself wide open to criticism lol

Once, just to attract attention, I…?

(Answer) Once, just to attract attention, I would love to stand in the middle of the street and scream.  It would be completely out of character for me as I’m not good with attention, I’m more a blend into the background kind of person.

If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?

(Answer) Just be, I know that sounds weird but living in a busy household I’d just like to be left alone now and again, nothing more than that.  Or maybe sneak into a laboratory and release all the animals.

If you could have been told one thing that you weren’t told when you were a teenager, what would you like to have heard?

(Answer) That it’s okay to be you and find your own way.  That being an individual and yourself is enough and I try to instil that in my children.

You have multiple personalities, describe some of them?
(Answer) There’s paranoia, where I constantly second guess myself and my abilities.  There’s the free spirit, the one who’d like to have no responsibilities whatsoever, to be able to do exactly what I feel like doing without thinking or worrying about consequences.  There’s the klutz, the one that falls over her own feet, and forgets what she’s doing and can get lost even with a sat-nav.  Lastly there’s the joker.  The one who likes to have a little fun (normally at her own expense), because we should always be able to laugh at ourselves.

Excerpt from Second Chance, Standalone Second Chance Romance, Book 3 of The Dennison Property Services Series:-

Standing under the warm water it hit the one part of his body that ached the most. It stood to attention again, like the needy bastard it was. Making him hiss in a breath as the water hit the sensitive underside of his engorged flesh before slowly dribbling off. The extra stimulation made his back arch and his head fall backwards, loose on his neck.

Using the hand, he’d placed on the wall for balance he widened his stance, wrapping the other around the base of his shaft. Fist tightening, he gave a long experimental stroke, from base to just below the engorged, sensitive crown. With eyes closed it allowed his mind to wander and kept the water out as it pounded over him. Chest heaving with his exertions he continued stroking himself, water dripping down and over his busy hand, as he set up the rhythm he craved.

Helen on all fours as she slowly crawled over to him. Breasts swaying with her movements, plump arse provocatively shifting from side to side. Stopping before him, she knelt in supplication on the floor, warm, light chocolate coloured eyes seductively looking up to him. Mouth opening as the tip of her pink tongue appeared, slowly licking the tip before stretching her lips around the head.

Groaning at the thought, Jeff twisted as he once again got to the crown. Giving it a circle with his thumb before the downward stroke, trying to simulate her movements as he saw them in his mind. He began to pump faster, neck straining as the tingle started in his spine, balls drawing up tight towards his body. He heard a gasp just as he was about to cum. Opening his eyes, he turned his head and found Helen stood in the now open doorway, face flushed with embarrassment at finding him jacking off in the shower. Her mouth dropping open in shock as her hand crept up to cover her throat.

He shot his load still staring into her wide, startled eyes. Endless spurts hitting the tile before sliding down the wall as he continued to stroke.

Still rooted to the spot her eyes dropped from his, slowly travelling down his torso. Transfixed, they followed the trail of water as it slid over and down his body. He knew the exact moment she spotted what he was still doing as her eyes widened yet again.

Still high on the endorphins, he continued milking the last of his orgasm as he watched her watch him.

Once over, and with legs made of jelly, Jeff went on the defensive. Using his go to mechanism for disarming people. He let go of the wall running his hand across his chest. It still tingled from the heat in her eyes as they’d swept over his body. He continued to stroke his hand down his stomach, purposely taking the same route her eyes had, letting her know he’d seen her looking. Mouth kicking up at the corner, in one of his practiced smiles he hit out with cheap words. Hating that she’d caught him in a weak moment yet again, especially after witnessing his earlier loss of control.

“Hell babe, you should have joined me, a complete waste of a damn fine hard on,” he drawled. He gave his softening cock a final tug while still looking her in the eye before unhurriedly releasing himself. Then he calmly rinsed his hand under the water.

Excerpt from, A Wolf is not Just for Christmas. Standalone Holidays Shifter Romance, Copyright ©2018 by JF Holland:- :-

Syd had finished her first glass of wine and had started on her second when the she felt a warning, the hairs standing up on the back of her neck. Turning, she found Riley Carter leaning negligently against the back wall, amber gaze fixed on her as he sipped from a tumbler. Finding her watching him, he raised his drink in her direction and blushing, Syd turned back around. To give herself something to do she took a hasty gulp of her wine as she anxiously searched the dance floor. She prayed for a glimpse of a giant with ice-white hair twirling her golden blonde pixie-cut friend in her direction.

“Are you having a good time?”

Syd shivered in reaction when Riley spoke the words by her ear.

“I was,” she mumbled. She then took a shaking inhale of breath, blowing it out slowly to calm her racing heart before taking another large swallow of her wine.

“Do I make you nervous?”

“No, not at all. Why would you even think that?” Syd asked breathily, swallowing nervously and taking a step to the side.

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe because you walk the other way whenever you see me coming. Then you sit as far away from me as possible in meetings and…”

“And?” she asked, and then could have kicked herself when she felt the fingers of his left hand stroke the side of her throat.

“This. It gives you away every time I’m near. It beats double time whenever you can’t avoid me, or I catch your eye. So, Syd,” her name sounding sensual in his rasp. “Tell me why I make you nervous?”

He was close again… too close. As he spoke his breath whispered over the shell of her ear. His fingers continuing to hypnotically stroke over the side of her throat.

“Hmm, you…” she squeaked, then blew out another breath and moved her head away from him, stepping to the side.

“No answer? So, I do make you nervous. I wonder, do I make you nervous in a good or a bad way?” He drawled, amber gaze broodingly staring at her as he again took a sip of his drink. She noticed that the hand he’d been using to stroke her throat was now thrust into his dress pants pocket. The expensive material pulled tight over his muscular thighs as he now stood legs planted beside her. He was so close she could feel the heat of his body. It was like a furnace, warming her in places she’d thought dead. Grimacing, she looked to the side and scowled at him.

“You don’t make me nervous,” she growled, finishing what was in in her glass and placing it on the table beside her.

“I don’t…” he purred, a sardonic brow rising as he stepped closer again. “Okay, prove it.”

“Prove it, how?” she asked with a nervous flick of her eyes towards the dance floor – desperately praying for Anna to reappear.

“With this,” Riley drawled, leaning around her and placing his tumbler beside her empty glass on the table before straightening. His new position left her no choice but to look up and into his eyes. Her own panicked ones widening at his closeness. However, when he tilted back his head and she followed where he was looking, her stomach dropped because she realised they were stood beneath mistletoe.

“Fuck,” she huffed, her gaze slowly and reluctantly returning to his.

“I’d love to, but one thing at a time sweetheart,” Riley grinned in answer to her profane reply. Then, before she could come back with a sarcastic response, his head lowered, his lips brushing lightly over her own. He ran his tongue along the seam and as her lips parted on a sharp exhale, he slipped it inside. Using her shocked reaction against her, he used it to get a response… an honest response he knew he’d never get if she had time to think.

He cupped the back of her neck with his left hand and deepened the kiss. Losing himself in her taste, a growl rumbling in his chest as she slumped against him. Her hands lifted, winding around his neck as she returned his passionate kiss. After a few minutes, he left her lips, his now trailing across her cheek. Nibbling on her ear, he sucked the sensitive lobe between his teeth making her hiss. Her hands trailed from around his neck and down onto his chest, fingers curling into his shirt. She gripped the material, nails digging in for balance as a low moan left her throat and her head fell backwards.

Riley didn’t get the chance to do anything else as their moment was interrupted by something totally unexpected. They both hissed out in pain at the same time breaking the spell of lust they’d fallen into. The hands Syd had been using to grip his shirt so tightly were now pushing him away as her startled eyes met his. Slowly, they dropped to her right hand and she turned it over staring at her palm. A frown marred her brow when her eyes moved from his shirt and then back to her hand. Riley stared at the hand she cradled, but when he felt his own left palm being stinging, a relieved smile lit his face. He’d wanted her for a mate for a long time and now it seemed as if fate had heard his plea. She now carried his mark upon her for all to see and he himself carried the matching half to it. Satisfaction strummed through his veins that she was at last going to be his. However if the tears now filling her eyes were anything to go by, she was not best pleased. Then again, as she knew nothing of his kind, maybe it was just the pain upsetting her. He could sympathise as his own palm now stung like a son-of-a-bitch.

Excerpt from, Bound by the Moon, Book 2 in The Bound Series, Heated Paranormal Serial. Each book continues from where the previous ended and the story continues. Copyright ©2018 JF Holland:-

“Maya,” came a husky voice from behind them. They all turned to see a blonde, green eyed version of Maya and Helena. It was kind of freaky how alike they all looked, Jaden thought and heard a snicker in his head.

Oh yeah, maybe you should look in a mirror sometime. Have you looked at your brother?  Hello, you, with more tattoo’s, oh, and a lot more alcohol.” Maya whispered in his mind as she stepped into her cousin, giving her a hug. They all looked towards the stage again as the music to ‘The Full Monty’ started up.

With mouths, open, they watched as Balin toed off his shoes and socks, before shimmying out of his jeans. He now stood on stage – make that swayed. In nothing but a pair of very snug, fitted, black jersey boxer shorts.

“Oh, my, god, we are not related,” Jaden said with a shake of his head. Then he stood in stunned silence as he watched his brother begin to bump and grind around the pole on stage.

He slapped a hand over his eyes, watching through the gap as the female wolf whistles began. The noise was deafening as women began to crowd around the stage, pushing and shoving to get closer. Right at the front was the red head, the one who’d been pawing him at the bar.

“Isn’t he yummy,” they heard one voice say, and the red head turned on the brunette who’d spoken and pushed her.

“Back off, he’s mine,” she hissed, her eyes glowing.

“Man, this just gets better and better,” Leonard sighed, then snarling a curse, ran a hand through his hair and taking another hit from his flask.

“Why, what’s wrong now?” Jaden asked and Leonard, Sam and Helena all turned to him with an, ‘are you for real’ look upon their faces. Jaden stood looking from one, to the other, as the red head stood before the stage. She watched Balin dance, lust evident in her features.

Jaden was impressed, Balin could move, and worked that pole like a pro as he swung himself around it. Then he ruined it by doing a move that one straight man should never see another straight man perform. Jaden mock shuddered as Balin performed a move that made his junk shake. He turned his back to him, just as Lana spoke up.

“It seems that my mate has attracted the attention of a nymph,” Lana informed Jaden, whose brows nearly disappeared into his hairline.

“A nymph, as in nymphomaniac? Cool,” he grinned and Lana growled at him.

“No, as in faerie, Nymph. They thrive on sex. Once they set their eye on a target they don’t release them out of their clutches until they’ve nearly used them dry,” Lana spat with distaste.

“Seriously? Wow, you learn something new every day. I guess he scored big then,” Jaden said, and Lana turned venomous eyes on him.

“He’s my mate, and he’s dancing for a nymph. What does that say about him?” Lana spat.

“I’d say it’s called – turnabout is fair play. You expected him to stand on the side lines while you did it.”

“I didn’t know he was here,” Lana added.

“Okay, so that makes it better, how?”

“I don’t know, it just does,” Lana sighed, looking towards the man who danced on stage, and moved as well as any dancer. “Anyway I contacted Maya not you or him,” she said lifting her chin towards the stage, then she turned away in disgust.

“Lana, where have you been? I’ve been worried sick about you,” Maya admonished the woman that was a sister to her.

“I’m sorry, but I needed to hide out. I’ve had someone on my tail, and I’ve been unable to shake them.”

“We think we know who it is,” Maya admitted, not meeting Lana’s suspicious gaze.

“What aren’t you telling me Maya, come on spill the beans?” Maya looked towards Jaden and Sam and shrugged her shoulders.

“Lana, aren’t you going to say hello to mum?”

“Hello dear, it’s been a long time,” Helena said, stepping forward and hugging the young woman who was presently watching her like she was a ghost. Which technically she was, as she’d risen from the dead.

“Aunty Helena, how, why, when?” Lana stammered, looking her aunt over with incredulity. Then her hand came over her mouth, and her eyes filled with tears. “Oh my god, does this mean mum is back. Aunt Helena, is my mother coming back?” she whispered, her throat tight and her eyes shining with unshed tears.

Balin seemed to trip on stage, and they turned as they heard a collective gasp. Each set of eyes landing on the stage too, to see Balin.

Why are you distressed?” came the rough voice from the stage, and Lana turned around and glared at Balin. Smirking, she then opened her blouse, flashing him, before giving him the birdie. At which point, he fell from the stage, landing on his arse. He sat there stunned, surrounded by women, sporting the boner from hell.

“Lana,” he growled from the middle of the women that were presently pawing him. He looked around at all the breasts leaning towards him, then looked down, blowing his fringe out of his eyes as he deflated.

Fucking typical, he thought in disgust. Staggering to his feet, he then shoved his way through them, to grab his clothes off stage. The MC had again taken to the microphone, thanking Balin for his impromptu dance, and offering him a chance to come back anytime. This was met by applause as he followed his family through the crowd.

The red head stopped him with a hand on his arm.

“Where are you going?” she asked, running her nail up his chest again, her eyes glowing as he looked down at her in surprise.

She pouted, as she tried to pull his head down to hers, and heard a snort in his head, making him growl.

“Look, err, err…” he couldn’t remember her name.

“Stephanie, my name is Stephanie,” she growled, then smiled as she again ran her hand up his chest. He took hold of her hand in his and removed it.

Excerpt from, Date Night, the book being written in Blue Christmas. Standalone Contemporary Romance, Copyright ©2018 JF Holland:-

“How about we go home and I’ll make you a sandwich,” Lauren replied, leading the way downstairs.

“You want some alone time with me?” Dan asked and watched her blush. “You do huh, anyone else due to see this place?”

“No,” Lauren said as they made it back down into the lobby at the bottom of the stairs.

“So, we’re all alone, and no one can walk in on us?”

“Yes we’re alone, but…”

Her words were cut off as Dan leaned down and kissed her, a full on carnal kiss with tongue.

“What are you doing?” Lauren panted, blinking up at him.

“Taking care of my wife. I may not be able to afford a big fancy house for you, but I can sure as hell give you pleasure.”

With that, he took her mouth again, cutting off her protest as he backed her into the far wall away from the door and windows. One hand stroked her throat as the other went on a journey, sliding down her body before edging up and under her skirt. Groaning when he met the bare flesh at the top of her stockings. Running a finger over the top, he kissed her and stepped back as he pushed the material of her skirt up around her waist.

“Wow, if I’d known you had this on beneath your professional attire, I’d have done this sooner.”

“What?” Lauren asked breathily, as she leaned against the wall and blinked at the loss of his heat.

“This,” Dan husked, dropping onto his knees before her and running his knuckles over the front of her black thong. Lauren shivered, then sucked in a breath as he leaned forward and ran his tongue over the material at the top of her thighs.

“Dan,” she squeaked, her hands dropping to the top of his head.

He just grinned and blew over the material he’d made wet, and groaned himself as she moaned and moved restlessly.

“I was going to go slow, but I’m sorry baby, I can’t wait.” He ran a large finger beneath the flimsy material and felt how ready she was for him.

“Slow,” Lauren stammered uncertainly, tugging on his hair and trying to rub her thighs together.

“Yeah, slows overrated,” Dan told her as he pushed back to his feet and undid his zipper.

“Wha… what are you doing?” Lauren squeaked as he released himself and grabbed her around the waist.

“Wrap your legs around my waist, and hold on tight baby,” he said against her mouth. Lifting her over him, he then leaned her back against the wall, legs planted to take their weight as he slipped her over and onto him. Groaning as she stretched around him, the sheer material of her thong adding extra fiction on his inward and outward glide.

“Harder,” Lauren whispered, her face tucked below his chin and her arms and legs tightening around him.

“Already on it,” Dan grunted, as he picked up speed.

Excerpt from Blindsided, Standalone Second Chance Romance for Over 40’s. Copyright ©2019 JF Holland:-

“Where’s your car? I never thought you’d have this…” She threw her hand out towards his bike with a curl of her lip as if at a loss for words. He much preferred the spirited Maggie over the old meek one who was back and now standing before him. He wanted the fire he’d seen in her on Thursday because he loathed the fear now present in her eyes; especially over something so important to him.

Then a thought struck. A riled Maggie was passionate and courageous, and he knew just how to bring her to the forefront.

“Now, Mags, don’t put yourself down. You had absolutely no problems getting your leg over to ride me,” he told her. His green eyes twinkled, mouth lifting in a shit eating grin. His heart picked up, beating faster in his chest when her cheeks filled with embarrassed colour. It didn’t last long though as all signs of her fear vanished as her eyes slit and glared at him.

“I… I…” She snapped her mouth closed then it opened again but nothing came out.

He began to laugh at her goldfish impersonation, and she stamped her foot, hands on her hips and coat splayed out. With her harsh movements, her breasts which were outlined in the snug sweater she wore jiggled and his laughter faded as his groin tightened.

“Yeah, but this is a monster. Whereas you- well, you are kind of average,” she sniffed.

Jerry watched the way her eyes ran down his body, settling on his groin as she crossed her arms beneath those fabulous breasts. He hadn’t missed the way her eyes had flared, and her breathing had hitched as she’d seen the bulge behind his zipper. Instead of calling her on it, he became amused at her show of temper-tantrum and her haughty stance. His amusement seemed to confuse her, and she frowned, nose wrinkling. He couldn’t help chuckling because she seemed thoroughly confounded by him, just staring at him as though he were some strange species she’d never come across before.

“You’re laughing, seriously? I just called your dick average and you’re laughing, why?”

Her head now tilted to one side; eyes inquisitive as if trying to figure him out.

Now this he could deal with, a little light, suggestive banter was preferable to her fear any day. Plus, flirting and anticipation made the release so much sweeter.

“I have no issues or hang-ups over my masculinity or ability to perform, Mags,” he told her when he sobered. “Have you never heard the term, ‘it’s not the size, it’s what you do with it which counts?’

When she just looked blankly at him, frowning, he leaned towards her. He watched her big brown eyes widen as he held them captive; barely an inch between them.

“Well,” he drawled, his words no more than a whisper of breath against her lips. As her arms dropped, her chest rose and fell, and her eyes darkened to a rich deep-melted-chocolate. This close he saw it all as her pupils expanded, taking over the colour. Watching the evidence of her arousal, his own breathing hitched as his eyes dropped, following the mesmerising motion of her breasts rising and falling. Sliding his tongue out, he stroked it over his own bottom lip; desperate for a taste. Knowing her niece was probably watching from a window, he fought for control, his eyes once again reluctantly lifting to hers. “Let’s just say, the way I made you moan and come around my cock on Thursday night; several times I might add. Well, it kind of leads me to believe that I did just fine in the satisfaction department. Therefore, my ego is perfectly intact,” he shrugged. “Plus, I know you’re exaggerating, I’m not that small,” he added with a smirk.

He then planted a pecking kiss on her lips, watching with satisfaction as they parted as he stepped back- putting space between them. He winked at her as she blinked and then sputtered, her cheeks turning as bright a red as the helmet he again held out towards her.

“Even a dildo can get me off,” Maggie sniffed, and Jerry grinned at her haughty tone.

“I daresay it can, and one day soon, I’d really like to see that. Maybe I can even use it on you as you suck me dry. However, for now, don’t be a damn chicken, get on the bike,” he goaded.

He watched her stiffen, eyes once again slitting, darkening with anger this time as her mouth snapped shut and firmed.


Five, four, three, two…

Maggie snatched the helmet from his hands and pushed it down over her own head.

Excerpt from Coming Out Fighting, standalone Interracial MM romance, please don’t read if you have any issues with MM romance. Copyright ©2019 JF Holland:-

He sensuously smoothed his right hand up Kevin’s now sweat soaked spine. As he continued to move, Kevin’s head dropped forward as if too heavy on his neck for him to keep up. His knuckles whitened as he tightly gripped onto the dressing table before him like a lifeline.

Lawrence ran his right hand down his spine, sliding it sideways, over and around Kevin’s hip. He moved it lower down his stomach until he finally fisted the hard length of Kevin’s cock jutting out in front of him. As Kevin pushed back into him, Lawrence began stroking his cock in time with his own thrusts. Lightly, he rhythmically squeezed beneath the sensitive crown before sliding it back up again. He felt it swell and jerk in his palm and legs planted, trousers now around his knees and shirt pushed up out of his way, Lawrence altered his angle once again. This allowed him to slip in deeper, now stroking over Kevin’s prostate with each thrust

Suddenly, the hair at his nape stood to attention, and Lawrence knew they were no longer alone. His hunch was confirmed when he heard an inhalation of breath. Eyes snapping open, Lawrence was met with a pair of bright, ice-blue eyes in the mirror of the dressing table before them.

Mat had arrived and was now stood by the door watching.

Their gazes met, green clashing and locking with blue as Lawrence continued to fuck Kevin. He may have been disappointed to find Mat nowhere around earlier. However, seeing those amazing pale-blue eyes of his flare and darken as he watched him fucking Kevin’s answered his question over Mat’s sexuality.

Mat was not only gay, he was interested.

The signs of Mat’s arousal were now blatantly obvious in the way his pale-blue eyes darkened to navy. How those lush raspberry lips parted, and his throat moved convulsively as he swallowed. Another tell-tale sign was the way those big capable hands of his were now gripping tightly onto the doorframe either side of him. The whitening of his knuckles gave away just how much effort he was having to exert over himself to stop him joining them.

Lawrence didn’t break eye contact as he continued to move inside of Kevin. The body beneath him now morphing into one more muscular, the skin darker. The mental visual had Lawrence on the edge of his control. Thinking about fucking Mat instead of Kevin had his spine tingling, and his balls drawing up tightly into his body. When Kevin finally ejaculated into the towel he’d positioned before him for just that reason, he himself let go but kept his eyes glued to Mat’s. He needed it, refused to lose their connection as he groaned in reaction.

As the man beneath him had become another in his mind, his release had taken on epic proportions. He fought for breath, nostrils flaring and teeth grinding as his vision nearly winked out. He then felt his cock twitching, jetting his release into the condom he wore.

He didn’t know why Mat did it for him, but he did.

He wanted Mat more than he wanted his next breath.

His legs had turned to Jelly in the aftermath of his release making it a struggle to stay upright, but he refused to break eye contact. He was afraid to even blink in case Mat vanished but hearing Kevin murmur broke the spell.

Frowning, Lawrence blinked rapidly as he tried to get his brain to function again, and when he looked in the mirror once again, Mat had gone.

His departure left him feeling cold and bereft.

Excerpt from, Taming the Beast, Book 2 in Eternal Mates, the Immortal Dating Site Book 2,

Golden Crown Review Awarded in June’s issue of InD’Tales Magazine.
Shifter Romance copyright ©2018 by JF Holland

Wrung dry, he collapsed over the top of her, then rolled to the side so as not to crush her. Breathing heavily, spooning in behind her, he threw an arm around her waist and held her to him while he caught his breath.

“I want to see you?” Maria managed to get out between gasps.

Groaning, he kissed her shoulder and unwound his arm as he gently disengaged. Rolling onto her back, with shaking hands she pushed the blindfold over her head.

She lay there panting, still trying to catch her breath as her eyes struggled to adjust to the light. Blinking rapidly to clear her vision, she saw him unravel and straighten to his full height. The moonlight coming in from the uncovered window highlighted his body. Her breath left her on a whoosh as she took him in, slightly intimated by his size as he now stood before her. Tanned skin glistening with sweat showed off the heavy ropes of muscle he carried. Eyes dropping, she saw a thatch of dark curls at the juncture of his spread thighs with his semi-hard cock dangling between them. She swallowed when she realised he was big everywhere. Eyes lifting, she followed the trail of hair up and over his flat stomach. No six-pack visible, but he was flat and his muscles rippled as he moved, dropping his hands to cover his groin.

She smiled despite herself at the action. Men never seemed to mind showing off at full mast, but no matter how well endowed, they tended to cover themselves when not fully erect.

Above his crossed hands, the trail of hair from his stomach continued on, up his chest.

He was huge.

His chest barrelled, a circular tattoo on his right pectoral muscle, the only ink she could make out on his front. He fidgeted beneath her perusal as if uncomfortable with her scrutiny. His biceps bulged, nearly as thick as his thighs beneath those wide heavy shoulders she’d felt beneath her hands. His hair was wet from his exertions, falling in disarray around his face and over his shoulders. She could make out golden highlights in the long strands, some tangled in the dark stubble covering his square jaw. His nose was straight, flaring where it ended at the wider tip over his generous mouth. His eyes were dark, deep set and fathomless in his handsome face.

Captivated, Maria tried to sit up and he uncrossed his hands, putting one out as if to help her. He then dropped it again as he took a step back, his face contorting in pain. Concerned, she struggled with the bedding, trying to shuffle towards the edge of the bed to help. He held up a hand again as if to stay her and as she sat there, bedding tangled around her, his fingers clawed as he dropped to the floor.

Maria tried scrambling from the bed to help, but was hindered, her feet wrapped now in the messy duvet. As she watched on helplessly, he began to vibrate, a gasp leaving her throat as he seemed to contort and reshape. She fell back in shock when his body hair began growing and thickening, rolling up and over his body until he was completely covered in a fur pelt. Head turning in her direction, she stared in disbelief as his face began to widen and alter, a short muzzle forming as his ears began to move upwards. The sound of popping and crunching bones appeared loud, her hearing sensitive after the blindfold. The sickening sounds his body made assaulted her senses as his as his back hunched and his limbs twitched. He changed shape right before her wide disbelieving gaze. One minute he’d been a man on all fours, the next, a grizzly bear was in his place. As his mouth opened wide, a weird humming shriek came out of it and jumping in shock she screamed.

Some Notable Works

The Only One

(A Dennison Property Story #1)

The Only One

by JF Holland

Purchase Here


The first book in the Dennison Property Story Series. Characters to relate to, with human failings, humour and chemistry. (Each book is a standalone read in its own right)

Kitty Phillips has worked as Blake Dennison’s pa for 2 years, and has kept under this playboy’s radar by hiding her true looks and temperament. Until her first foray back into the dating pool sees her being taken in by yet another womaniser. Back in the office Kitty’s temper slips its leash and she tells Blake exactly what she thinks of him and men like him.

Blake’s bored and wants a woman who’s more of a challenge, although he’s never looked towards his employees for his entertainment. That is until he sees the woman Kitty’s been hiding from him for the last couple of years, and he’s all for breaking his rules.
Blake begins a game of cat and mouse as he pursues Kitty, but they both get more than they bargained for. Kitty’s passionate nature ignites Blake’s blood and stimulates his mind, and in Blake Kitty finds a man she’d lost hope of ever finding.

Have they finally met their match?

Or will underhanded dealings steal away their chance at finding the only one for them?

Outranked in Love

(Dennison’s Security #1)

Outranked in Love

by JF Holland

Purchase Here


All it took was one incident, and Adam Jones lost not only his mobility, but also his army career.

Adam is attracted to Hannah Summers, but as she’s his best friend, Phil’s sister, she’s out of bounds. Unfortunately, Adam’s feelings for her are no longer clear cut as lines he shouldn’t cross begin to blur.

As Hannah tries to help Adam come to terms with his life changing injury, confusing dreams taunt him with all that is now out of his reach. Despondent over his losses, Adam sends her away.

Taunted by images Adam’s unsure of being fact or fiction, he begins to suspect he’s either forgotten something important or else he’s losing his mind.

Can he unravel the mystery to what he’s missing, or will he lose something even more important to him than his career?

Previously published as part of the Help Our Heroes Charity Anthology, extended & restructured for rerelease.

About the Author

JF Holland was born at home, in January 1968 in a small town on the border of Manchester and Cheshire in the UK.  She joined the RNA (Romance Novelists Association) at the tail end of 2017 – a late bloomer and a tad forgetful.

Now a wife and mother of 6 children, she lives a fairly quiet life with her family and a small menagerie of animals in the same small town she was born and raised.

Her passion has always been reading, so when she’s not making up her own stories, she can usually be found with her head stuck in a good book.

She’s always preferred reading to television.

“You can’t beat curling-up with a book and allowing your imagination free rein as you envision the plot and characters coming to life in your mind… my own internal television screen.”

After a few years of illness, and a varied career in everything from retail to teaching unemployed adults, she decided it was time to do something she loved with her life…. That was when she began writing her own stories again. It was something she’s always done but now, instead of just in her head, they’re in print.

“I’ve always loved the underdog, the fighter and the lengths people will go to in the name of ‘love’ fascinates me… but let’s face it, we all want to believe in ‘The happily ever after.”

Where to Find Her

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