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Aisha Urooj “…May we live for love and may Love live among us. Mortality weeps for her frailness”

Can You Tell Me a Bit About Your Writing?

As one of my protagonist Eleanor James (Ellie) says in the book, “May we live for love and may Love live among us. Mortality weeps for her frailness, Love marvels us with her strength. Love laughs eternal! Vive l’amour ma chérie, Cheers!”  As a writer, I want to capture the sentiments that move us as humans be it love, life, friendship, sadness, loss, adventure. I grew up loving classic novels with timeless stories. There is so much wisdom that can be gleaned from those books. My hope is that one day my writing will move people too.  Early reviewer of my books have used terms like “heartwarming”, “moving” and even “shocking”. Honestly speaking, I do want people to have some sort of reaction to my writing, it will mean that it touched them profoundly in some way.  I find a lot of joy in both reading and writing and I hope that it translates on to the pages of my book. Writing is a creative outlet for me and for the ideas and thoughts swirling in my head (fellow writers can relate to this feeling).  My Dear Ellie is the first book in the love and friendship trilogy. I have focused on Cassie’s and Ellie’s special bond. They really are friends through adventures and misadventures, and I hope that you find their friendship endearing.

About the Book

My Dear Ellie

by Aisha Urooj

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“You finally found your ikigai Cassie?” “What is that? Excuse me for being an ignoramus.” “It is a Japanese concept that roughly translates to ‘finding your purpose’ or ‘a reason to get up in the morning’. Iki means life and kai is the realization of hopes and expectations. The theory is that by finding your ikigai and keeping busy with your purpose you will enjoy a long and happy life.” “Wow that is beautiful Ellie. Maybe I have…hopefully I have…maybe some day I will?”

Aisha UroojMy Dear Ellie


What would you do for your best friend? Cassandra Grace will do anything.  This is a coming of age story about two beautiful best friends Eleanor James and Cassandra Grace. Ellie wants to be a superstar. She has natural beauty and talent but is super impatient in achieving her goals. She drops out of high school to pursue acting. She achieves greater success but at a cost. She dwells deeper into darkness as fame becomes a dangerous drug to her. Cassie is sweet and loving. She is terribly indecisive about what she wants to do in life but will follow Ellie anywhere, including dropping out of high school. After a few years, she decides to go back to University and discovers her love for English literature. As her life gets more purposeful, she doesn’t realize how much her friend Ellie is drifting into despair. An incident involving Ellie deeply affects her life. She vows to be there for Ellie and to get her the life she deserves to have, even if it means challenging Fate…and costing herself a thousand lifetimes to fulfill that promise. Eleanor James, or Ellie, is a aspiring actress who dreams of being a superstar and her best friend is there to support her all the way. What could come between their friendship? Cassandra, or Cassie, narrates their life story and tells us about their special friendship with a bond strong enough to last a thousand years.

About the Author

‘My Dear Ellie’ is Aisha Urooj’s debut novel and is the first in the Love & Friendship trilogy series. She is currently working on her second novel ‘Eleanor’s Travels’ which will chronicle Ellie’s once-in-a-lifetime trip around the world, a extraordinary present given by her parents on her twenty-first birthday.  Read ‘My Dear Ellie’ to learn about the two best friends and the two extraordinary girls, Ellie and Cassie. Join them in their triumphs, their struggles, their adventures and misadventures, and most of all join them for the love and friendship shared between them growing up from little girls to young ladies.Links to where the book is sold: Instagram page: Blog: Twitter: @Aisha__Urooj

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