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Independent Author Olga Gibbs talks about her passions for social issues and how she approaches her writing. How readers should look into topics and decide for themselves.

“I do have a passion for social issues, for social justice and it influences my writing.  I don’t believe that birth right should tell (allow or block) who you are and what you’ll become. “

I don’t think I write books – I feel that I tell stories, and the crazy stories in my head range from YA and adults high /epic fantasy all the way to biographic fiction, psychological, domestic and crime, thriller. I’m aware that authors are advised to stay within a genre, but my stories don’t ask my opinion. 

I write stories and my stories are not sweet, light or innocent. I don’t know how to write “sweet nonsense” and “happily-ever-after”. I would never be able to write romance. Every time I try to give my characters happy future, something tends to happen to them. My stories are on a darker side, but I guess because they reflect life, even in my fantasy. Or maybe it’s an excuse for my dark mind?

The idea for “Celestial Creatures” came as a wish to write a supportive message to girls like Ariel, who went through a lot of abuse, including sexual abuse, at their young age. After working with girls in therapeutic setting, I felt that girls who lived through such horror wouldn’t want to read a realistic story, reliving the torment, so I turned it into a fantasy. Besides, I love symbolism and allegories, so I’ve played with the stories, dressing them up, hiding some like an “Easter egg” within the story.

A lot of research went into the “Celestial Creatures”. I’ve read and research the Judeo-Christian eschatology, especially the book of “Revelation” (The End of the world, Heaven & Hell, etc), but I also have weaved Sumerian mythology and religion into my high fantasy “made-up” worlds, and my angels speak Sumerian language, which is translated at the end of the book in the glossary section.

I do have a passion for social issues, for social justice and it influences my writing.  I don’t believe that birth right should tell (allow or block) who you are and what you’ll become.  I am a great believer in education, in power of education; and not just an academia of it but the power of knowledge.

I wanted readers to notice, acknowledge the issues too, yet to decide for themselves what they make of them. As I said, I believe in power of knowledge and what it might bring if you only ask a question. A lot of status-quos were changed with a few simple questions: “Why?” and “Why not?”

Hopefully my books will encourage people to look into topics and themes I’ve raised, think on them, and I hope that their curiosity will take readers further, leading them deeper into a research and will result in their own conclusions.

Right now, I’m writing the last two books in the “Celestial Creatures” series. As much as the series hasn’t gathered the momentum yet or received an attention I think it deserves, I feel that I owe to the readers who loved Ariel to finish her story. But my other ideas are already clambering over each over in my head, waving their tempting fresh flags for my attention, with three stories outlined to a different degree, and the first one to be written after the “Celestial Creatures” are completed, is “The Placement”.

The Celestial Creatures Series

“You’ve managed to unlock the door to the library – now it’s time to learn how to read.”

Book 1

With the power to end the world, would you protect humanity when it broke you or would you take revenge?

Meet Ariel: a quiet, unnoticeable girl with an incredible gift…

Ariel never had an easy or pleasant life, but the arrival of three gorgeous strangers meant her measured life is turned upside down, as she discovers that angels exist.
Now against her will, she’s drawn into an ancient celestial conflict where her powers will decide the fate of humanity.

Deceived, threatened, hunted and now on the run, who can she trust?

Universal link to purchase “Heavenward” on Amazom, Kobo, iTunes, Barnes&Noble, Scribd, Tolino, Playster:

Book 2

The long path ahead of you is far from over. But you can can shape it and you can lead it.

Being one of the most formidable archangels with the power to end the world doesn’t serve you well if you don’t know how to use it.

Thrown into a battle of courts and factions, tangled in a web of intrigues and palatial games, naïve Ariel is surrounded by powerful angels, chasing their own agendas.

There’s no one she can trust. Everyone stands to gain something from her death.

To avoid the bloody battle that Baza brought to her door at Uras, Ariel retreats back to Apkallu (Earth) to find her sister, but the Heavenly battles and intrigues she flees follow her, as Baza’s immense hold on Apkallu forces Ariel and Rafe to make uncomfortable choices.

Ariel’s fight for survival is far from over and it looks like it’s going to be a deadly one.

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About the Author – Olga Gibbs

Olga Gibbs lives in a leafy-green town, nestled amongst the green fields of West Sussex, England. She lives with her husband, their two daughters.
She was writing from the age of fifteen, mainly short stories and novellas and was a guest colunmist for a local newspaper. When she is not dreaming up new adventures for her imaginary friends, she does outreach work with teenagers.
She is currently writing the third book in the “Celestial creatures” series and another stand-alone psychological crime thriller book.
Please visit author website for more information on upcoming books.

Where to find Her

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