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Independent Author Spotlight – Kiersten Hall

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KIERSTEN HALL has been writing stories all her life… in her head.  She is finally taking the time to put those stories down on paper for others to read.

Her first book, “I Do” Fifteen Years of Wedding Misadventures, is a humorous memoir of the 15+ years of memories from her experience of being a professional wedding videographer.  With 1,400+ weddings to choose from, there are plenty of entertaining stories to share with the readers!

Corner Confessions – A Novel is Kiersten’s second book, comprised of an unusual cross-genre of fiction and non-fiction: The non-fiction comes from the confessions of real people* Kiersten has known over the years, while the fiction follows the characters and storylines of those involved with the coffee shop where the confessions take place. Since the release of the initial fourteen confessions, people have been snapping up this book fast, finding it hard to put down.

The second book in the series, The Lies We Live, released in Nov. 2018 and served up sixteen more confessions from the people Kiersten has known over her lifetime, thus far. Compared to the first book of fraud, blackmail, and quirky happenstances, The Lies We Live offers up in-depth confessions of obstruction, divisiveness, and death. The reader’s experience takes on a more somber tone.

December 2020 sees the release of the third and final book of twenty confessions, …And The Burdens We Keep. The reader will experience a ride on the psychologically dark and emotional roller coaster of keeping burdens, as well as closure on the characters’ unanswered questions throughout the first two books of the Corner Confessions series.

*  Confessions are true but names have been changed.

Most recently, though, and for something completely different… Kiersten claims to have ‘channeled’ Dr. Suess on October 16, 2018. Much to her surprise, and in a matter of 45 minutes, a thoughtful and sweet poem promoting kindness and inclusivity geared toward children ages 0 to 8 years, bubbled to the surface of her thoughts and wound up on a Google Doc. Kiersten will be the first one to tell you she isn’t a very poetic person, too. JELLYBEANS is her first children’s book and is set for a June 2019 release. Since she also claims she’s not very artistic, she brought in Illustrator – Shaina Ryther, and Graphics Designer – Chelsea Farr, to help bring this special book to the world. Opening up this vein of youthful creativity, Kiersten now has six other children’s books in the works. Next year, young readers will get to meet Ollie – an octopus she used to have thirty years ago, as a pet!

Besides the books listed above, there are 11 other titles waiting in the files to be written with more ideas entering whenever something piques Kiersten’s ‘vivid’ imagination.  She is striving to release one book per year, and is looking forward to sharing her stories with the world!


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2019: Kiersten has a short story and dessert recipe included in the current release of ‘Cooked to Death, Volume IV’: A crime & foodie anthology filled with ‘delicious’ crimes and recipes ‘to die for!’  Found @



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