Imagine Wanting Only This by Kristen Radtke (Mini Graphic Novel Review)

Paul picks amazing books and writes thoughtful reviews. I liked this one quite a bit and I am looking forward to reading this book.


  1. Paul's Picks

    Thank you so much for the shout out! This is one of those books that takes you down several threads, some work for the individual read and some may not. But really makes you think.

      1. Beth Tabler

        Graphic Novel wise – Brazen Women, My Favorite thing is monsters, vagrant queen, and two sclaped books. Books – Rijel 12: Rise of New Australia, Cryptofauna, and The City in the Middle of the Night. Plus a smattering of others if I have the time.

      2. Beth Tabler

        Me too. It’s due back here very soon and there is a giant waiting list for it. There is no pressure like twenty people waiting in line to read it after you.

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