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Happy Publication Day! – Archangel (Shadows Advent, #1) by D. William Landsborough

By February 12, 2019January 28th, 2023No Comments

D. William Landsborough’s Archangel: The first novel in the upcoming Shadows Advent Series, releasing February 12, 2019! See the synopsis below and order your copy today! let’s support Indie Authors!

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“Uriel brandished one of his daggers, its silver steel somehow managing to glint off the tiniest light in this new, dark world.”

Archangel – D. William Landsborough


Angels are on the brink of extinction.

Demons rule over mankind.

It has been a decade since Earth descended into ruin. Smothered in black clouds lies a land plagued with nightmares and pain, the aftermath of the war between Heaven and Hell. The Archangel Uriel has finally been given leave to descend to Earth. He alone can renew the fight against the darkness and reignite the war both sides thought was over.

With a mission that seems impossible and a reluctant half-demon helping him, Uriel must go against everything he ever believed in if he wants to bring light back to the world. But the archangel soon finds that this new world is far worse than he ever imagined, and the vicious fangs of demons are the last thing he should fear.

Archangel is the debut novel from D. William Landsborough and the first in the Shadow’s Advent series. 

I give Archangel 5/5 stars. It is well worth the read. I recommend Shadows Advent to everyone who likes to read fantasy (any subgenre)/lovecraftian/sci-fi. You won’t regret the time invested in the story. The cover is also well done. I absolutely love the image used for Archangel. I look forward to reading more of D. William’s works. 

Author Jacob Rundle – Review found here.

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About The Author

D. William Landsborough (known to many as just Doug) is a writer of dark and urban fantasy, with a sprinkling of whatever else crosses his mind at the time. His debut novel, Archangel, is the first in the Shadow’s Advent series, and he has a non-fiction book on the way, too, in addition to his Nightshade series. Doug grew up on fantasy; he read about Drizzt Do’Urden from an early age, devoured the Chronicles of Amber, and consider Sam and Dean Winchester role models…to a certain extent. He loves being a Dungeon Master for Dungeons & Dragons, watches too many horror movies, and likes to fit in his freelance editing career when he can. He is an active member of the Twitter author community and hosts #WhoNeedsAHero every Friday so everyone can show their villains some love.

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