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“If you understand your people’s hearts, possess wisdom and learn from the knowledge of your forefathers your life will be a long one.”

hall of Bones

In the remote land of Laskar the seven ruling clans have vied with each other for power for over a century. The son of the Reavesburg Clan Chief, Rothgar, has been groomed all his life for a role supporting his elder brother, Jorik, in leading their kingdom when their father’s time finally comes to an end.

However, the rulers of their greatest rivals, the Vorund Clan, are in the grip of something older and far darker. They have been conquered by evil, a remnant from the time when the gods warred with one another and the world of Amuran collapsed into the Fallen Age.

Everything is about to change …

The first book in The Brotherhood of the Eagle series, Hall of Bones begins a tale of epic fantasy, magic and intrigue.

The Brotherhood of the Eagle Series

Hall of Bones – Audio Kickstarter

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Hall of Bones is a Viking-inspired dark epic fantasy novel and the first book in The Brotherhood of the Eagle series, written by UK author Tim Hardie. This campaign is to fund the costs of bringing the audiobook version of that tale to life, narrated by RJ Bayley.

The new audiobook will be released exclusively to Kickstarter supporters in October 2024.

The Kickstarter campaign will run for 30 days from 11th March to 10th April 2024.


If funded, the rewards will include:

  • A brand new short story collection, A Roll of the Dice, available as both an eBook and audiobook.
  • An exclusive poster featuring characters from Hall of Bones, designed by Dawn Larder.
  • The opportunity to get signed copies for the first time.
  • Further audiobooks in The Brotherhood of the Eagle series, if stretch goals are met.

Funding goals

The target for this project is £3,150, which will fund the Hall of Bones audiobook, A Roll of the Dice and the exclusive artwork for the poster. The first stretch goal has been set at £4,600, which if reached will mean an additional short story will be included in A Roll of the Dice.

Funding tiers have been designed to cater for any budget, both large and small, with plenty of opportunities to tailor your package with various optional add on rewards.

Book 01

hall of Bones


Sundered Souls

Led by Johan Jokellsward, the Brotherhood of the Eagle fights to free the land of Reavesburg from its occupiers the Vorund Clan and avenge the murder of their chief. Only Johan’s inner circle understand their true calling, sworn to defeat an old evil that has risen once more.

Gautarr Falrufson, one of Reavesburg’s few surviving leaders, still defies the occupying forces and the Brotherhood’s small army must lift the siege of his fortress if they are to survive. However, Reavesburg is a divided land and the old clan loyalties no longer hold true. What reception can Johan expect if he clears the way to Gautarr’s gates?

With their fate hanging in the balance, Johan sets aside the accepted ways of his people and appoints Rothgar Kolfinnarson as his advisor, someone who has his own personal reasons to hate the Vorund Clan. Together, they must call upon mistrusted magic to gain the advantage over their enemies.

The second book in The Brotherhood of the Eagle series, Sundered Souls continues the epic fantasy tale involving magic, capricious politics and war. Who will choose the right side in the coming battle?

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Book 02

Lost Gods

Commanded by Johan Jokellsward, The Brotherhood of the Eagle has united the vying factions of the Reavesburg Clan as they struggle to defeat their enemies, led by the monstrous King Adalrikr Kinslayer. However, as Adalrikr gathers his dark magical forces and retreats to his fortress, Johan’s advisor Rothgar realises their task is impossible without outside aid. With the fate of the Brotherhood hanging in the balance, Rothgar embarks on a perilous quest, journeying into the lands of legend in a desperate attempt to even the odds stacked against them.

Elsewhere, events begin to move in Norlhast where Rothgar’s sister, Nuna, leads a plot to overthrow their Vorund occupiers. Using her influential position as the Lady of Norlhast Keep, she walks a fine and dangerous line, appearing to collaborate with Adalrikr’s henchmen whilst secretly working to free her adopted homeland.

Can Johan, Rothgar and Nuna turn the tide against Adalrikr, or will this struggle be the one that finally breaks the Brotherhood?

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Book 03

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