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first chapter, first paragraph

First Chapter, First Paragraph – Thad Saves the Galaxy – An Outrageous Space Adventure by C.T Fleck

By April 16, 20192 Comments


When adventure calls, sometimes it’s best to send it to voicemail. 
If you like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy meets Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure with a bit of Dude, Where’s My Car? sprinkled in, you’ll love Thad Saves the Galaxy!

When an alien named Zinka drops into Thaddeus Kinglsey’s life, he finally gets the adventure he’s been waiting for. Zinka’s being pursued across the Milky Way by the evil galactic tyrant, Derask and needs help repairing her ship. Thad jumps at the chance to do something extraordinary and begins an adventure he will never forget. Unfortunately, helping Zinka has some unintended consequences.

With the Earth a smoldering cloud of dust, Thad and Zinka begin a quest across the galaxy to put an end to Derask’s tyranny. This dynamic twosome recruits a colorful cast of characters to their cause: Tik, a mighty Demerian with a penchant for mind altering substances, Pangaea, a sarcastic humanoid who is more then she seems, Danny, the only other Earthling left who happens to be a dreadlocked pot dealer, Leonidas, a lovesick Voltan hero, and Preet, the shapeshifting Queen of the Mercenaries. But they need more than a gang of friends to defeat Derask. They need ships, and lots of them.

Can this oddball team find a way to take down the galaxy’s most powerful dictator? Does ‘winging it’ ever really work? Can you find love on a planet full of mercenaries? These questions and more are answered in this whimsical romp across the Milky Way.

Thad Saves the Galaxy is a humorous galactic adventure with a vibrant cast of human and alien characters, space battles, and outrageous good times.

Download Thad Saves the Galaxy and join the valiant crew of the Gravity Bong today!

First Chapter, First Paragraph

The sun peeks through the blinds of my bedroom windows. I get out of bed and check the clock. Why the hell did I wake up at seven in the morning on a Saturday? Why does morning have to exist? Oh well, bitching does nothing productive. I get up and head to the bathroom. Time to get ready for the day. I shower in my ordinary shower. I dress in my ordinary clothes. I brush my ordinary teeth.

At least I don’t have to g to work today. My job is one of the most loathed occupations in existence. Probably should have tried harder in school so I wouldn’t be stuck in a shitty fast food job. I can’t tell you the place I work for, you know, lawsuit reasons. I will say this, though: I’m not lovin’ it.

lol bitter aisle 1. I think this story is going to go from ordinary to extraordinary. Probably much like Author Dent, the narrator is about to go on an adventure. Probably sans towel though.

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