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First Chapter, First Paragraph – Cryptofauna by Patrick Canning

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Right now I am reading a whole lot of books, but a standout of a book I am reading is Cryptofauna by Patrick Canning.

This book is nuts but in an absolutely fabulous over the top way. Imagine Hitchhiker’s and John Dies at the End got together, they would make Cryptofauna.

Here is the first chapter, first paragraph:

“Jim Grabbed a can of root beer for his suicide. He Wasn’t particularly big on sassafras or licorice, but drink choices were limited. The tap water at St. Militrude’s Home for the Insane and Elderly was notorious for its eggy flavor. Mellow Yellow was tasty, but the potassium citrate was known to have undesirable drug interactions. Coke was the obvious front runner, except one of the residents, had recently thrown every last can of it off the roof in protest of an earlier bedtime.”

Cryptofauna – by Patrick Canning

I love how this starts with someone discussing their impending doom so casually. It sets the tone for the entire rest of the story. This is turning out to be bizarro at it’s finest and I am really enjoying it. If you all are interested in partaking of the crazy check it out. Cryptofauna on Goodreads  Patricks Instagram is @catpanning.

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