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“I was an eagle, eater of the dead. Lest the ravens have him, I took him instead.” – Angela Boord, Fortune’s Fool


Angela Boord’s empire is vast in Fortune’s Fool. Her worldbuilding is both as delicate and strong as the silk that she builds it upon. As is Kyrra, a woman that finds herself getting lost and separated from what she believes she holds dear. Kyrra struggles to find her identity in a world built for men by men. She is raised to be one thing, a proper lady, but she is terrible at fulfilling what this world asks of a lady. It’s not long before that part of her identity is stripped away, and Kyrra must figure out how to go on as an imperfect, common woman. In the end, it is Kyrra’s less than ladylike qualities that make her most valuable to her family, to herself, and to the world that Boord has crafted.

fortunes foolFortune’s Fool is also a romance in a magical world where magic is woven into drugs and it’s hard to tell if the gods walk among the people. The reader follows Kyrra’s frustrations as she becomes the man she needs and tries to solve the mystery that will lead her to the one she wants. The character voice is strong, and Boord’s words are beautiful and easy to follow.

Fortune’s Fool is long, but the characters grip you in a way that makes it pass quickly. Come for the struggling female protagonist that finds her strength in making her own way in a cruel world.








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Brianna Sinder

Brianna Sinder

I’m a homeschooling milspouse mom that likes to end the night in a made-up world so that I can forget my responsibilities for a little while. I also try to make up my own worlds and convince others that they’re not that bad. Currently located in Utah with two kiddos, my soldier and a rescued great dane mix. I enjoy dad jokes, kayaking, eating all the baked goods and sometimes making artsy things. You can find me on Twitter as @BriannaSinder

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