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“Amuse-Bouche: a pungent sourness builds at the back of your throat…”

dissent: a five-course mealWhen you read Dissent: A Five-Course Meal ( With Suggested Pairings), you read it on two levels. The first level is obviously around food. This story is a menu for a five-course meal, and much like a menu, it has sensual writing that evokes the flavor and scent of the offerings of both the dish and of a moment in time.

However, the second level is the story between the bites and scents of the meal that link both the story and the food directly to the diner. “A pungent sourness builds at the back of your throat, slowly at first then with a crescendo of intensity as you flip through the authorized news stream.” 

There is a lot between the bites—a queer couple fighting for their rights and fleeing the protest site ahead of gas clouds. The smell of Trimethylamine from dead fish along the stream banks as they cut the wire fences and make a run from a work camp. Now in prison, and the copper taste of blood when you slice your cheek on your chipped and broken teeth.

Each has a dedicated course. Each is a dedicated moment in time linking all of your senses.

Dissent: A Five-Course Meal is a powerful story told in a unique way.

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