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Cook with me! The Weekly Cookup

By December 27, 20184 Comments

Starting on 29th of December of 2018, I will be starting a fun series called, “Weekly Cook up.” In this series, I will talk about a book that features food of some sort and relates it to an actual recipe. There are rules:

  • It has to be based on a graphic novel or book passage. 
  • It has to actually taste decent.
  • It has to have available ingredients.
  • Doable for the home cook.
  • The recipe needs to be able to be scaled. 

This is not so much a review of the book or graphic novel featured, but a fun offshoot for a passage mentioned in the book. I know I love cooking and I am sure some of you out there do as well.

If anyone has any ideas about fun recipes you would like me to feature, let me know!

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  • What a fun post idea! I often wonder about some of the foods mentioned in books, what they look and taste like.

    • Beth Tabler says:

      Me too! Let me know if you have any ideas? I have into Feb written out but not beyond that yet. Next week is the Pan Galactica Gargle Blaster from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Lol much testing ensues.

      • Veronica The Burgeoning Bookshelf says:

        Your very organised Beth. I never know what I’m writing for the next week. Living in Australia I come across a few American dishes I’ve never heard of so I’ll keep my eye out for something interesting.

      • Beth Tabler says:

        Thanks! If I don’t have it planned out I get nothing written. I’m to much of a space cadet. They don’t have to be American dishes, I like to cook things from all over the world. 🙂

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