First Chapter, First Paragraph – A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

What’s it going to be then, eh?

There was me, that is Alex, and my three droogs, that is Pete, Georgie, and Dim, Dim being really dim, and we sat in the Korova Milkbar making up our rassoodocks what to do with the evening, a flip dark chill winter bastard though dry. The Korova Milkbar was a milk-plus mesto, and you may, O my brothers, have forgotten what these mestos were like, things changing so skorry these days and everybody very quick to forget, newspapers not being read much neither. Well, what they sold there was milk plus something else. They had no licence for selling liquor, but there was no law yet against prodding some of the new veshches which they used to put into the old moloko, so you could peet it with vellocet or synthemesc or drencrom or one or two other veshches which would give you a nice quiet horrorshow fifteen minutes admiring Bog And All His Holy Angels and Saints in your left shoe with lights bursting all over your mozg.Or you could peet milk with knives in it, as we used to say, and this would sharpen you up and make you ready for a bit of dirty twenty-to-one, and that was what we were peeting this evening I’m starting off the story with.

One of the seminal dystopian works ever written, A Clockwork Orange is a story of casualty cruelties and linguistic and storytelling brilliance. Burgess wrote a story of one of the most unlikable protagonists in all of literature, Alex and his Droogs. I have been attempting for years to read this story, but I always get hung up on the language. I am listening to it on Audio as a way to get around the language barrier. We shall see how it goes.

First Chapter, First Paragraph


The strange planet known as Tanegawa’s World is owned by TransRifts Inc, the company with the absolute monopoly on interstellar travel. Hob landed there ten years ago, a penniless orphan left behind by a rift ship. She was taken in by Nick Ravani and quickly became a member of his mercenary biker troop, the Ghost Wolves.

Ten years later, she discovers the body of Nick’s brother out in the dunes. Worse, his daughter is missing, taken by shady beings called the Weathermen. But there are greater mysteries to be discovered – both about Hob and the strange planet she calls home. A terrifying power. A horrifying curse.

Lucy Piper lives a lonely existence on the precipice between life and death. She possesses the horrifying ability to resurrect real-life tragic events in her nightmares, reliving over and over, as if she were there, the last few moments before the victim takes their final breath. Car accidents, drownings, plane crashes – Lucy has seen it all. No one understands what it’s like living death by night and fearing sleep by day.

When Tyler Sims and his family move to town to escape past traumas, Lucy is drawn to him. The two of them are linked through their dreams, and with Tyler’s trust and friendship, hope for a brighter future returns to Lucy’s world. But Tyler’s presence awakens something else in Lucy, and with this new knowledge, she will be forced to make impossible decisions. Decisions that will change history, and the future.

Chilling, haunting and compelling, this novel is the first in a two-part series for fans of The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer and The Hidden Memory of Objects that will leave you breathless for days.

First Chapter, First Paragraph

They were on the return leg of a routine supply trip to bustling, dusty, Primero when Hob Ravani saw the great eagkes circling above the rolling sea of red dunes. The enourmous birds were laboratory creations that had been brought along by the first settlers, a mix of eagle and vulture that could smell water from kilometers away – useful on a planet where there was no surface water for most of the year. They were also very, very good at smelling blood.

Excerpt from Hunger Makes the Wolf by Alex Wells

Sometimes you just need a gritty book to keep you going. I have needed to stop and take a step back and just read something fun for a while. A few other bloggers reviewed this and liked it, so here I am giving it a go. I’ll tell you how it goes!

First Chapter, First Paragraph

Right now I am pouring through a novel called Fusion World. I haven’t had as much time to read as I normally would like, but doing my best. This book has taken my interest and I am curious to see where it goes. From the first paragraph, the writer had me hooked.

First Chapter, First Paragraph

“People tend to be resilient by nature. They fight for what they believe in, and it takes a lot to make them give up the fight, but take away their home, clean air, food, water, and all other essential needs to sustain a normal life, quality of life is diminished, and the resilience is weakened to a considerable extent. When people get desperate enough, they will obey just about anyone or anything.”

Fusion World by Joseph Lewis Tamone

Why are we talking about character or human resilience?

Does this story have an environmental degradation plot?

You push a person far enough, take away their basic human necessities and anyone will do anything.

Let’s see where this goes…

First Chapter, First Paragraph – Rijel 12: The Rise of New Australia by King Everett Medlin

I have gotten a wonderful opportunity to read some of the great work coming out of Chandra Press. The first book I am tackling is a book called Ryjel 12: The Rise of New Australia. Let me break it down for you:

” The remote Intergalactic Penal Colony on the planet Rijel 12 is a very profitable enterprise. Its desolate surface is an uninhabitable wasteland relentlessly scorched by its sun, but inside the planet is a vast treasure trove of the most precious resources in the galaxy.

Prisoners sentenced to Rijel 12 know it’s a one-way ticket. It used to be a convict would serve their time and come home. That stopped a while ago. Inmates are forced to work the mines in wretched conditions and the death rate is staggering. Luckily for the warden, new inmates arrive monthly to replenish the labor pool. Business has never been better.

From the darkness of their miserable existence, one prisoner decides to take a stand and begins to organize a resistance. Inmates rally to the cause and prepare for rebellion. Can the rag-tag rebels of ‘New Australia’ succeed in their quest for freedom or will the warden and the overpowering might of the Interplanetary Authority extinguish their only hope?

From new author, King Everett Medlin, comes an action-packed epic of hope, rebellion, and the quest for redemption.

What we have here is a dystopian space opera. Yes! You have to love a well-done space opera.

First Paragraph, First Page

“The President of the assembly, an aged and respected Suidonji named Abrafrilric, suddenly stood up and cleared his throat. The murmuring inside the gigantic hall swelled into that kind of roar that comes as a result of hundreds of people making discreet and not so discreet comments to the neighbors seated next to them.

Pig-like, rotund and gruff just like most full-Suidonji, Abrafrilric’s throat-clearing was like snarling, snorting, gurgling, growl, but even this had little effect on the mass of beings crowded inside the convention hall. It was a gigantic building, spanning a quarter mile square, located near the supreme government building in the planetary capital of Suidonj.”

Right away we have some world building, Humanoid species creation, and politics. I am looking forward to seeing where this story is going.

About the Author

King Everett Medlin has been writing since 2013 when he first developed the idea for Rijel 12. It was originally designed to be a SciFi series, with the objective of creating several short installments. Instead, he got a lucky break when Chandra Press from San Diego responded favorably to the original draft, deciding to publish it as a full-length novel. King lives in Denver, Colorado with his lovely wife Caroline and has two grown children. He’s a graduate of the University of Oklahoma where he played college Rugby and remains a diehard Sooners fan to this day. His specialties are Science Fiction and Mystery/Suspense novels, focusing on unusual stories with intriguing plot-lines and amazing characters.

First Chapter, First Paragraph – Cryptofauna by Patrick Canning

Right now I am reading a whole lot of books, but a standout of a book I am reading is Cryptofauna by Patrick Canning.

This book is nuts but in an absolutely fabulous over the top way. Imagine Hitchhiker’s and John Dies at the End got together, they would make Cryptofauna.

Here is the first chapter, first paragraph:

“Jim Grabbed a can of root beer for his suicide. He Wasn’t particularly big on sassafras or licorice, but drink choices were limited. The tap water at St. Militrude’s Home for the Insane and Elderly was notorious for its eggy flavor. Mellow Yellow was tasty, but the potassium citrate was known to have undesirable drug interactions. Coke was the obvious front runner, except one of the residents, had recently thrown every last can of it off the roof in protest of an earlier bedtime.”

Cryptofauna – by Patrick Canning

I love how this starts with someone discussing their impending doom so casually. It sets the tone for the entire rest of the story. This is turning out to be bizarro at it’s finest and I am really enjoying it. If you all are interested in partaking of the crazy check it out. Cryptofauna on Goodreads  Patricks Instagram is @catpanning.