Book Review – Urban Arboreal: A Modern Glossary of City Trees by Michael Jordan, Kelly Louise Judd (Illustrations)


From the publisher, “Trees are an important part of the life of many cities. Whether in avenues or parks they provide shade, a green resting place for the eye, comfort for the mind, and as we increasingly know from research, help keep the atmosphere cool and fresh. Some cities are famous for a particular species, such as the orange trees of Seville, London’s plane trees, or Washington DC’s cherry blossoms, whereas others are renowned for trees in general, such as the remarkable diversity to be found in Delhi.

Urban Arboreal looks at city trees and their stories in all their complexity – how they have become synonymous with their cities is often an untold story. By knowing more about these trees we come to know more about the very spaces we inhabit, or wish we did! It celebrates their glories and the symbolic place they have in the lives of city dwellers, and at how they are increasingly seen as important allies in improving the quality and health of the urban environment. Above all, this is a clarion call for bringing more life into urban communities. Through 70 trees we travel the world and come to learn the hidden histories that are wrapped up in these botanical giants.”

Sample page from Urban Arboreal by Michael Jordan, Kelly Louise Judd (Illustrations)

I don’t often talk on here about some of the other non-nerd books that I read. But, I do read quite a few gardening books as I am a garden enthusiast. So I am throwing out there a wonderful book I had the privilege of doing an “Advanced Reading Copy” on.

This is a book that successfully intertwines great design and simplicity of focus with educational and informative information that is useful to the reader. The imagery was done by Kelly Louise Judd, and it is absolutely lovely. Often when perusing gardening books the reader is forced to endure one badly lit picture after another of plants that are difficult to differentiate. But, in this book, the pictures are just as much a selling point as the information itself. If you are a gardener or a traveler, or just a person who enjoys looking at beautiful things; this is a good book for you. At 12.99 on Amazon currently, do yourself a favor and pick it up so that it can look all pretty on your coffee table. Plus the added bonus of learning all sorts of useful information about trees throughout the world.

Sample page from Urban Arboreal by Michael Jordan, Kelly Louise Judd (Illustrations)


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