Blossoms in Autumn: Script by Zidrou / Art by Aimée de Jongh


Ulysses, a middle-aged widower, is forced into early retirement from his moving job. At a loss for what to do next, the course of his life is changed by a chance encounter with a fellow lonely soul at, of all places, his son’s OB/GYN office. Mediterranea, who recently lost her mother, runs a cheese shop that she took over when her beloved Corsican father died years earlier. A romance blossoms between these two people who are supposedly in the “autumn” of their lives and they soon find themselves embarking on a most unexpected odyssey.


My Thoughts

“You know, Mediterranea, I can not get my head around the fact that now. . . you’re the oldest Solenza. “

I am very taken by this story. Distilled down, this is a story of boy meets girl. However, it is so much more than that. The premise follows two characters who are in the autumn of their lives. The first is Ulysses. He is in his sixties and has just recently been forcibly retired. The once very active Ulysses is now at a loss about how to move on with his life. Mediterranea recently lost her mother after being her sole caretaker for the last nine months. Mediterranea runs a cheese store inherited from her father, again she is at a bit of a loss in knowing what to do at this point in her life. At a chance encounter at Ulysses sons OB/GYN office, the two of them spark a romance. The writing about romance is so on point. It isn’t forced and hackneyed. It is sweet with heat. Chemistry bubbles between them. It feels like a fresh and real love affair. Love that can blossom in the Autumn of their lives.

Graphically this is fantastic. The panels have a misty quality to them and the characters are drawn well. The art is enough to make me want to read more of this authors work.

It is life affirming and wonderful love story that has a great twist of an ending and should be read. You don’t come by comics like this often.


I received this graphic novel from Netgalley in exchange for my open and honest opinion.



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