ARC – Lake Silence (The Others #6) by Anne Bishop

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First I have to start out by saying that I absolutely adore the “The Others” series. I am a pretty big fan. Like, “go out at midnight and purchase the new novel” type fan; I am a fan of this novel too. That being said, it was tough to get used to the new characters in this expansion. I enjoyed the characters in the first five novels so much that it isn’t fair to call this “The Others #6”, but maybe “The Jumble #1.” The same overall world, but very different tonality, plotting, and characters.  If you go into #6 thinking that you are going to see Meg and that sort of plot, you are in for some sadness. It doesn’t flow quite as smoothly as the first five books did but I think the issue for me is that it is missing the depth of personality the original characters had. Simon, Meg, Vlad, and Tessa all were very original ideas with particular character traits. We haven’t got there quite yet with #6.  That might be because we had a much longer time to get to know the other characters in the first five books or maybe Anne Bishop is trying out a different writing style. They are both excellent, but I don’t think this novel resonates as well as the others did. Plotting is a bit slow to get going. Anne Bishop is introducing a new area, new characters and introductions take a bit of time. In the end, It was a fun book. Not really a rampant page-turner, but I enjoyed the time we spent together, and I look forward to more installations. It is worth the read just to get to live in the world Anne Bishop created some more.



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