Announcing the Graphic Novel Through the Ages Challenge #AgesofGraphicNovels

Two panels for the price of one!

For this challenge it is pretty simple, read a comic or graphic novel from every decade from 1890 till now. Comics and graphic novels have had a giant impact on politics, culture, history and marginalized people’s rights.

I have some great resources on hand if you are looking for inspirations:

1001 Comics to Read Before You Die – I have been steadily chipping away at this list for a few years now, and I have learned so much.

I have written some reviews of some classic comics that I have found endearing or interesting. Dream of the Rarebit Fiend, Max und Moritz, The Upside Downs, and The Adventure of Obadiah Oldbuck.

I will also be writing a monthly column on a classic comic. Feel free to join along. Most of these are fairly short.

How to join the challenge?

First off just declare it in a blog post and/or on twitter linking me and #agesofgraphicnovels.

That’s it! Let’s go have an adventure and learn something about classic comics.

Please feel free to use the challenge image in your announcement post and social media posts. Spread the word! Please link back to this blog.


Tell me what you think!

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