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Beth with long hairI am just a regular ole’ gal who likes to read and make silly lists of stuff to accomplish. Some of which gets actually done. I own many highlighters and try to use them liberally. I live with my very understanding husband and three-year-old daughter in Portland Oregon. Yes, Before you ask. The city is a lot like the show.


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  2. neuravinci

    Not sure if you had some issue with your posts, but 10:30 pm EST yesterday, about 40 blog posts from you were sent out. They all had different titles, but the same content in them, I think.

    1. Beth Tabler

      Gah. I am sorry. I had been doing an update for my blog and had all email and social turned off. Turns out WordPress doesn’t care and mass emailed everyone. I am super embarrased. I am so sorry about the spam.

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